Italian sausage spaghetti recipe

Make tonight Italian night with this amazing Italian Sausage Pasta! This meat sauce recipe is made with flavorful Italian sausage, a delicious homemade marinara, and is super easy. Make it for the family tonight or meal prep it for the week!


Who else loves Italian food? My family definitely does! There are so many wonderful Italian recipes on Kim’s Cravings. Just to name a few of our favorite dishes; Easy Healthy Lasagna, Lasagna Soup, và this incredible Italian Sausage Pasta!

Spaghetti with a yummy meat sauce is one of the most requested meals in my house. If I had to lớn guess, I’d say we probably have it once a week. There’s just something about meaty red sauce dripping off of long, twirly noodles that my family adores!

Best Pasta with Sausage!

By a show of hands, how many of you make your spaghetti this way: brown some ground beef, dump in a jar of pasta sauce, and pile it on top of noodles? Don’t feel bad, I bởi vì too! It’s quick, easy, và only takes 3 ingredients.

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But sometimes I crave something more irresistibly delicious!

I want the perfect balance between chunky tomatoes & thick, smooth sauce. And big bites of flavorful, savory meat. I want a blend of spices so good, you think you’re in a fancy restaurant in Italy.

This recipe, my friends, is just that! My Italian Sausage Pasta meal is easy khổng lồ put together, tastes WAY better than sauce out of a jar, và even though there are a lot of ingredients, most of them are already in your pantry. The ground beef is replaced with tasty Italian sausage, and red wine (or sub with tomato juice) with just a hint of brown sugar and red pepper flakes makes the sauce absolutely drool-worthy!


Ingredients needed

This sausage pasta recipe has such wonderful flavor thanks to lớn the combination of Italian sausage, sautéed onions + garlic, tomatoes, herbs & red wine. Here’s everything you’ll need:

Sausage. Feel không lấy phí to use regular or Italian sausage. I personally love using Italian sausage because it has an amazing sweet, slightly spicy flavor. If you’re looking for a leaner option, Italian chicken or turkey sausage is a great alternative!Onion + garlic. Sautéed diced onion và garlic adds delicious aromatic flavor khổng lồ the sauce.Diced tomatoes.We love using fire roasted tomatoes for extra flavor and a lovely smoky taste.Tomato sauce, tomato paste, water. This mixture is the base of the meat sauce.Flavorings. To season the sauce, we’re using driedbasil & parsley along with salt & pepper, a small amount of brown sugar and red pepper flakes. If you prefer to lớn omit the brown sugar, that’s fine.Red wine. I highly recommend adding just 1/4 cup lớn the sauce foradded richness and robustness. However, if preferred use 1/4 cup tomato juice instead.Spaghetti noodles. I like using regular spaghettinoodles for this particular recipe, but feel không tính tiền to use any pasta shape you’d like. Gluten-free noodles work, too.


How to lớn Make This Pasta Recipe

This meat sauce recipe is very simple & straightforward. You only need one pot và just about 10 minutes hands-on time.

Cook Italian sausage. In a large pot, begin browning Italian sausage over medium heat, making sure khổng lồ break up the meat into small crumbles. địa chỉ cửa hàng the chopped onion and cook until it’s softened.Add other ingredientsand simmer. Stir in the garlic, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, water, basil, parsley, brown sugar, salt, crushed red pepper, and black pepper. Bring the meat sauce lớn a low boil. Stir in red wine. Simmer on low, stirring occasionally, for at least an hour.Cook the pasta. When you’re ready lớn eat và the meat sauce is about done cooking, cook the pasta according khổng lồ package instructions.

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Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce

Want this meat sauce khổng lồ cook all day? This recipe can even be made into an easy crockpot spaghetti sauce! Just pre-cook the Italian sausage & drain off the fat before adding all the other ingredients (except wine) khổng lồ the crockpot. Stir the wine into the sauce 30 minutes to an hour before serving.


Tips For Making Meat Sauce

This pasta dish is pretty simple and straightforward, but I vị have a some tips, so you have the best results every time:

Sausage.I typically use leanJennie-O Italian Style Turkey Sausagefor this recipe. It has plenty of flavor without a lot of grease. You can use meat with a higher fat content, just be sure to lớn drain off any excess fat after it’s cooked.Cooking pasta. Don’t forget lớn season the water with plenty of salt before adding in the pasta; otherwise this dish may taste under-seasoned. As a general rule of thumb, I địa chỉ 1 teaspoon salt per 4 cups of water.Half the recipe. This recipe makes a large amount of sauce. Feel free to cut the recipe in half, or consider freezing a portion of the sauce for another dinner (or two).


Spaghetti & Meat Sauce Variations

I typically make this meat sauce và pasta recipe exactly as it’s written. However, you can modify the recipe khổng lồ suit your tastes and/or include ingredients that you may already have on-hand. Here’s some options:

Meat.I highly recommend Italian sausage in this sauce for maximum flavor! You can use regular Italian sausage or sweet Italian sausage, whichever you prefer. They are both delicious! If you don’t like Italian sausage, you can use ground beef, ground turkey or turkey sausage.Vegetables.Add sautéed veggies to the sauce such as mushrooms, baby spinach, zucchini or bell peppers. Olives, sun dried tomatoes or artichoke hearts would also be fabulous additions.Pasta.Instead of spaghetti noodles, try another pasta variety. Anything goes – fettuccine, bucatini, farfalle, penne pasta, rigatoni or angel hair pasta.

Storage Recommendations

Make ahead.You can make the sauce up lớn 2 days in advance, then reheat the sauce in a pan or pot & cook the pasta, right before serving.Storage.Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Reheat in the microwave, oven or in a pot on the stove. The pasta may have absorbed some of the liquid leaving it dried out. Feel không tính phí to địa chỉ a bit of olive oil, broth or water before heating.Freezing.I would recommend freezing the sauce without the pasta. Once the sauce has thickened allow it to lớn cool completely before pouring it in an airtight freezer-safe container. Freeze for up khổng lồ 4 months.Reheating. Thaw & heat on the stovetop over LOW heat stirring constantly. Add a small amount of chicken broth or water, as needed khổng lồ revitalize the sauce. Cook noodles & serve.


This spaghetti and meat sauce recipe is easy to make và will delight your family & friends. Give this dish a try the next time you are in the mood for some good old-fashioned comfort food!

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