Tender And Flaky Sweet Little Biscuits For Breakfast Or Shortcake Recipe


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Sweet Biscuits. Make them for a teatime treat or as the start of a simple but special shortcake dessert.

Sweet Biscuits

Sweet biscuits are something that I have made for a long time in slightly different variations on the recipe. After the last few years though, I thought I’d nội dung the version of the recipe that has now become my standard.

These are very close khổng lồ scones but a bit sweeter, especially if you go for the turbinado sugar top like I love khổng lồ do. Turbinado sugar is available at most bulk stores, like Bulk Barn here in Canada.

It is large coarse-grained raw cane sugar that adds a little sweet crunch to lớn the tops of the biscuits. That step is, of course, optional in this recipe.

They are a balance between being a little crispy at the edges when freshly baked with a soft, tenderinterior. Scones tend lớn be softer all around but in this instance I lượt thích the textural difference in the edges here.


Sweet Biscuits ready for the oven

They are just a thing of amazing, simple perfection when served at brunch, warm from the oven, with melting butter. Summer is a great time lớn serve them, especially with seasonal jams like two of my favourites, Roasted Strawberry Jam or Roasted Peach Jam.

Sweet Biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake

The most common use for these sweet biscuits at our house has always been as the base forsummer shortcake desserts, especially Strawberry Shortcake.

We use whatever fresh fruit or berries are in season to make these delicious, easy desserts; peaches, nectaries, plums, cherries, blackberries, raspberries. Whatever fruit you lượt thích will work just fine.

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We simply macerate the fruit in a little sugar for an hour or so & serve it between a split sweet biscuit with vanilla whipped cream. It’s the perfect summer barbecueor picnicdessert. Find out how we make our Sweet Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake here.


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Sweet Biscuits

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