5 snakehead recipes and how to catch this delicious invasive species

Alrighty, when you need to vị something to snakeheads other than throwing it into the bush when you kill it... You cook it!Watch me turn franken fish into some delicious fish cakes that i call Snake cakes!

I really enjoyed the “snake cake” đoạn phim and might just have khổng lồ try out the recipe if I should catch a snakehead.

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thx man! you can actually use any sort of fish khổng lồ replace the snakehead! crappies, yellow perch.. Bass!!!! lol.. Pickerels too you can always buy fish from the market too, i bet bluefish would go well!

Try smoking bluefish. I use hickory chunks in my smoker and they come out great! That’s the only way I vì my xanh fish. Note: I bleed the fish immediately after catching, this helps improve the taste.

bleeding and destroying the brain is bestbelieve it or not, when you bleed a fish alive, it can also make the meat worse.The Japanese believe that if a fish is suffering, the body produces extra chemicals and lactic acid will be released into the flesh causing it to lớn be lower quality too. With that said, sever the spinal cord from the head or pith it (stab it in the brain and stir it a few times.. Like how we did that in science class to lớn our frogs before we dissect it lol)

I never heard of that before. I was taught lớn bleed certain fish & game as soon as possible. I know that when I process bluefish or deer & bleed them, I don"t get that oil or gamey taste. Others have told me that after starting bleeding their fish và deer they too no longer have the off favor or gamey taste.Next time I smoke some bluefish, I"ll have to vị it both ways and see what happens.

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you can look up the term Ikejime . Should have ton of information online. Some say that only the best in the world who have the god of tongues can taste the difference. Some just vì it because they feel that it is humane...
Rawr, thanks for the information on the “Kejime” method of dispatching a fish. You taught me something new và I watched a few videos on it. Instead of the spike to lớn the head I cut the head off the fish and then bleed them. Don’t know if it works the same, but I did notice that the fillets bởi vì look better than a fish that weren’t processed this way. I now have to thử nghiệm the way I vị it vs the Kejime method. Or since you fish a hell of a lot more than me you maybe can thử nghiệm both methods and make a đoạn clip on it and I won’t say you stole my idea for the video. LolOn a side note, when you don’t post videos on the site we feel lượt thích your round yellow pillow in the background of your “Snake Cakes” video. LolThanks again.
i had to move some of those damn emoji pillows cuz my camera is constantly trying khổng lồ focus on the faces, which blurs my face LOL it also makes a focusing noise that the mic picks up which is annoying


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