How to make super whitening shower gel

Learn how to lớn make shower gel with this easy step-by-step tutorial. The DIY shower gel has a thick gel texture & foamy lather that will make your skin feel soft & clean. The homemade body wash is made with natural materials và comes together in minutes. Included are 7 shower gel recipes, tips for customizing and achieving crystal clear shower gel, plus không lấy phí printable labels.

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Homemade shower gel Natural body wash recipe

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how khổng lồ make shower gel at home with natural ingredients.

Shower gel is a bath product I use every day, & I wanted khổng lồ create an easy, effective, and natural DIY shower gel. My goal was to develop a homemade toàn thân wash that performs just as well as commercial shower gels – but made with better ingredients.

Since my family goes through a lot of shower gel each month, the toàn thân wash recipe also needed to lớn be easy, quick, and reliable. I simply don’t have the time to spend hours making a daily-use product. This simple natural shower gel recipe fits the bill, & I hope you enjoy it as much I do.


Benefits of making your own shower gel

I have a feeling that this shower gel might become one of your favorite homemade bath products.

easy – This cold-process shower gel recipe is super easy và beginner-friendly.quick – It takes less than 10 minutes to make a lather – The DIY shower gel creates a thick, foamy lather with lots of bubbles.customizable – This simple shower gel recipe can be customized lớn meet different skincare needs.natural ingredients – The homemade shower gel is made with ECOCERT- and COSMOS-approved ingredients derived from natural materials.scalable – You can easily double, triple, or quadruple the recipe lớn make larger batches for your family.sulfate-free – This shower gel is free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, & other not-so-nice materials.

Shower gel ingredients

I tested this homemade shower gel recipe half a dozen times to get the right lather và texture, & the following ingredients are key:


Optional ingredients

Feel không tính tiền to customize your natural body toàn thân wash recipe with one or more of the following materials:

Scent and colorEssential oils can be used khổng lồ scent the DIY shower gel and impart additional skincare benefits. You can find a few ideas for homemade body wash with essential oils below. If using hydrosols, you may omit essential oils lớn scent the shower gel. & please note that essential oils can affect the shower gel’s clarity, color, và viscosity.

Skincare ingredientsPlant oil: You can also địa chỉ your favorite plant oil lớn the shower gel formula khổng lồ make the shower gel more moisturizing. Fractionated (liquid) coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil are great options. But don’t go overboard with oils, 1 khổng lồ 3 tablespoons is enough. Lưu ý that oils will make the shower gel cloudy. If you want a clear shower gel, it’s best to lớn skip the oils.

Since shower gel is a wash-off product, I recommend reserving expensive skincare ingredients for stay-on applications like lotions or creams. It makes little sense to showroom a costly liposome complex to a hàng hóa that is applied & washed off within minutes.

How khổng lồ make shower gel

Don’t be afraid lớn create your own shower gel at home. Making body wash is easier than you think! Let me show you the simple steps for how to lớn make shower gel from scratch:

Mix water and surfactant. Carefully pour the distilled water and surfactant into a large measuring cup or mixing bowl (something with a spout is best). Using a spoon, gently stir until the surfactant is completely dissolved in the water. Stir by hand and avoid whipping air into the mixture. Bởi not use an electric mixer or blender because agitating the liquids too much will cause foam và bubbles.Add optional ingredients. địa chỉ any optional ingredients (e.g. Glycerin, essential oils, colorant, etc.) and stir to lớn blend. Some food colors take a while to lớn dissolve.Preserve. Next, incorporate the preservative into the shower gel base.Thicken and adjust the pH. Finally, add the lactic acid and stir until the shower gel thickens, which may take 2 to lớn 3 minutes. In case the body toàn thân wash doesn’t thicken properly, continue adding lactic acid, 1 drop at a time, until you achieve your desired viscosity.Package. Using a funnel, pour the shower gel into a bottle or soap dispenser. Optionally, label the gel.

How lớn thicken shower gel

There are several possibilities for how to lớn thicken shower gel naturally:

Salt is often used as a thickening agent for body washes. It turns iconic surfactants into a gel texture. Many commercial cleansers và shampoos contain salt as a thickener, listed under the INICI name, Sodium Chloride (yes, that’s table salt, in case you’re wondering). Since our cleanser of choice is a surfactant blend with different ionicity, salt isn’t the best choice.Lactic acid is the secret behind my thick, crystal clear shower formula. I found that 40 to 50 drops are perfect to create a luscious, viscous gel texture. However, you may over up using a little more or less.

Why do we even need lớn thicken shower gel?

But why vì we even need to lớn thicken shower gel? DIY shower gel is thickened khổng lồ improve the skin feel, lather, and viscosity. Without a thickener, homemade toàn thân wash is very watery & inefficient as most of the product would wash down the drain.

Tips for crystal clear shower gel

Cloudy shower gel can be caused by a variety of factors. Follow these tips to avoid cloudiness và maintain crystal clear shower gel:

Combine the ingredients slowly, & do not use an electric mixer or whisk.Skip the oils. All plant oils and some essential oils can make the shower gel opaque.Only use lactic acid khổng lồ thicken the gel. Botanical gums often cause cloudiness.Bubbles will dissolve within a few hours.

You may notice that some of the shower gels have lots of tiny bubbles in them. The bubbles are a result of pouring the body wash into the bottles. I made the shower gels và took the photos all in 1 day. The next day, the bubbles had dissolved, and the shower gel was clear.

What is the pH of this DIY shower gel?

This pH-balanced shower gel has a pH between 4.5 và 5, which is close to the pH of the human skin và less likely to cause irritation. Of course, you can check the pH of the final hàng hóa to be certain it’s where we want it to lớn be.

DIY shower gel without castile soap

Can you make this shower gel recipe with castile soap? NO, this shower gel recipe will NOT work with castile soap.

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Here is why:

When you combine lactic acid và castile soap, the acid breaks down the soap molecules as the ingredients cancel each other out. The mixture becomes oily và begins to curdle (solid white clumps), creating unsaponified soap. You can learn more in this article.

Another reason why castile soap isn’t ideal for toàn thân washes is the soap’s high pH level, which registers between 9 & 11. As I explained in my rose toàn thân wash recipe, using alkaline products disrupts the skin’s acid mantle and moisture barrier.

A gentle, pH-adjusted shower gel is a much better and safer option khổng lồ keep your skin healthy & good looking.

DIY toàn thân wash without honey Vegan body Wash

Many body wash recipes you find online call for honey. However, I wanted khổng lồ create a vegan shower gel và decided lớn make a homemade body wash without honey.

How lớn package shower gel

Try one of the following packaging options for your all-natural body wash recipe:

Although glass bottles are a very eco-friendly way khổng lồ store homemade shower gel, the glass could fall và break in a slippery shower. For that reason, I recommend a plastic or PET container. You can refill the container over & over again.

Squeeze bottles also help lớn prolong the shelf life. We can’t directly cảm ứng the hàng hóa in the bottle, which helps to prevent contamination.

To safe money, recycle empty shower gel or shampoo bottles.

You can tải về the printable shower gel labels at the kết thúc of the post.

How khổng lồ use homemade shower gel

You use this homemade shower gel recipe just lượt thích you would use any other toàn thân wash.

Wet your entire body.Apply a small amount of gel into your hand.Rub both hands together lớn disperse the product và create foam.Apply the shower gel khổng lồ your underarms, groin area, và any other body part you want khổng lồ clean.Massage the body toàn thân wash into the skin for a few seconds. Then rinse off with plenty of water.Avoid hot water as it can cause drying. Warm water is ideal.Follow up with a lotion, body toàn thân balm or moisturizer afterwards.

Dermatologists recommend not using shower gel as a shaving foam as the gel coats the hairs and makes it harder lớn achieve a smooth shave.

I also don’t recommend using shower gel on your face as the facial skin is often more sensitive than the rest of the body. Instead, try this rose cleansing balm, Irena’s exfoliating cleansing balm, oil cleanser, cleansing gel, or cleansing milk.

Although it might be tempting to use the body toàn thân wash as makeshift shampoo, a better option is khổng lồ try one of our homemade shampoo recipes.

How often can I use homemade shower gel?

Since this is a pH-balanced DIY shower gel, you can use it every time you take a shower.

How much shower gel vì I need?

Experts suggest that 2 to lớn 3 pumps or a quarter-sized dollop are enough for one shower as using too much product may leave your skin feeling sticky. I admit that I often use a little more because I love lathering up my entire body.

Storage and shelf life

How lớn store DIY toàn thân wash

When not in use, keep your homemade body toàn thân wash tightly closed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

How long does DIY shower gel last?

This natural shower gel recipe lasts for at least 4 months if stored correctly.

Natural Shower Gel Recipes

Before finishing this post, I want to giới thiệu 7 natural shower gel recipes that I’ve been making over và over.

You can make the shower gel recipes with:

only hydrosols (for gentle shower gel formula)hydrosols + essential oils (for a strong scent)distilled water + essential oils (most cost-effective)

Hydrosols give these easy body toàn thân wash recipes a wonderful, natural scent và bring many skincare benefits into the mix.

Creating shower gel with essential oils và distilled water is a more cost-effective approach và a good option if you can’t find hydrosols.

DIY jasmine shower gel

If you enjoy florals, you’ll love this dreamy jasmine shower gel (it’s my personal favorite). This elegant body wash recipe cleanses beautifully & creates that shower-fresh feeling. Jasmine hydrosol provides a delicate floral scent, which you can enrich with a few drops jasmine absolute

I left this one uncolored so you can see what the shower gel looks like without any colorant.

Jasmine toàn thân wash ingredients

To make jasmine shower gel, you’ll need:

Homemade lemon shower gel

This energizing lemon shower gel refreshes and cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling soft và invigorated. Infused with lemon essential oil và lemon verbena hydrosol, the citrus body toàn thân wash has an uplifting, zesty scent that will perk you up in the morning.

Lemon shower gel ingredients

Let’s check out the ingredients for this homemade toàn thân wash. Be sure to lớn use steam-distilled lemon essential oil.

Orange blossom shower gel

This luxurious orange blossom shower gel helps you get up and feel awakened. Neroli hydrosol is extracted from orange blossoms and has a fresh, botanical fragrance. I also added a few drops of sweet orange essential oil to lớn round out the scent.

DIY Orange shower gel ingredients

Make homemade orange shower gel with the following materials:

Rose shower gel

My rose shower gel cleanses gently & features a lãng mạn rose scent. Rose hydrosol provides an enlivening rose aroma that lingers on the skin throughout the day. If you prefer a stronger rose scent, showroom a few drops rose essential oil. For some variation, try geranium rose hydrosol or this sensual trắng rose hydrosol.

Homemade rose shower gel ingredients

Gather the following materials khổng lồ make rose shower gel:

DIY oải hương shower gel

This lavender shower gel is perfect to lớn greet the morning or take a relaxing shower at night. The warm fragrance is perfect for unwinding, & lavender’s antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties can help khổng lồ soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

Lavender toàn thân wash ingredients

You’ll need the following materials for DIY lavender shower gel:

Homemade shower gel for men

This các mục won’t be complete without a body wash recipe for men. As much as I adore floral bath products, the men in my family won’t cảm biến them. Although my husband enjoys the lemon và mint shower gels, he helped me create a masculine essential oil blend for a manly shower gel.

Truth khổng lồ be told, I love this woodsy scent combo so much that I often borrow his toàn thân wash.

DIY shower gel for men ingredients

Try the following ingredients for a natural toàn thân wash for men:

DIY mint shower gel

I wish you could smell this homemade mint shower gel. It has a crisp, refreshing scent & will make your skin feel cleansed & revive your mind. Perfect lớn kickstart the day! You can either use pure mint hydrosol or combine mint with lime hydrosol.

Mint body toàn thân wash ingredients

Let’s have a look at the ingredients for our homemade mint shower gel: