Traditional chinese canadian sweet and sour ribs


In China, people often distinguish themselves as Southerners(南方人) or Northerners(北方人). It’s a question you’ll get often in taxis or first meetings.

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The biggest distinguishing features for us, anyway, are the regional cuisines.Southern cuisine is roughly more delicate, refined and sometimes sweeter in taste, while northern cuisine is a bit heavier & stronger in flavor. In the south, rice is the staple, while in the north, it’s all about the bread (mantou, pancakes, etc.)and noodles.

Shanghai Sweet và Sour Ribs (tang cu pai gu, 糖醋排骨)is a signature southern dish. The delicate balance of the soy sauce, sugar and vinegar makes this dish a very popular appetizer, which is often served cold.

Appetizers in china are usually called “冷菜,” which translates to “cold dishes.”They’reall served cold or at room temperature, & there’s a vast variety of different kinds.

While I was making this dish today, I tasted it when it was hot, and it was GOOD. But we had it for dinner at room temperature, & it was astonishing how the temperature changes & intensifies the flavor.

I don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but this tang cu pai gu recipe exceeded my own expectations by a mile.

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Usually, this Shanghai Sweet & Sour Ribs (tang cu pai gu)dish is made with rib pieces about 1-inch to lớn 2-inches long. You can definitely ask your butcher khổng lồ help with this, or you could even use baby back ribs. There are really no rules.


Add the second tablespoon of Shaoxing wine, dark soy sauce, Chinese đen vinegar, water, and the cooked ginger and scallion.

Turn up the heat và bring everything to lớn a boil. Then cover và simmer on low heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally lớn prevent sticking.

After 30 minutes, if there’s still too much liquid in the pot, take off the lid và turn up the heat, stirring continuously until the sauce has thickened and the ribs are coated & sticky.

It’s best lớn serve these ribs at room temperature. Garnish with sesame seeds if desired.

Mix the sauce with some rice, vị trí cao nhất with a couple ribs, and you’ll have heaven in a bowl. Enjoy, và remember to share!