Fresh Summer Rolls or better known as fresh spring rolls are here! I’ll be showing you all my take on it & what I lượt thích to showroom into my spring rolls.

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We will make two versions today: One with fried tofu & the other one is the classic shrimp và pork one. Và yes! We will be eating these with the classic hoisin-peanut dipping sauce. Once of my favorite dipping sauce to go with spring rolls.

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I’ll be using the fresh tofu I made from the previous recipe/video I put out since it’s the perfect texture and form size to be put in the spring rolls. The amazing thing about fresh spring rolls is you have the freedom to put whatever herbs, vegetables, & protein you like. Yes, you can also cook the protein however you like. You can pan sear them instead of boiling them etc etc. So have fun & happy cooking! Hoping you all stay cool và healthy wherever you are