Seafood pizza: tips to making it taste amazing

The crunchy crisp-thin crust is topped with colorful shrimp, crab, pineapple, peppers, & onion, served in a creamy wasabi honey mayo sauce. Once you try it, you’ll get hooked!

Whenever I travel lớn a different country, one of my favorite things to vị is to lớn go lớn an American chain restaurant và try out unfamiliar items from their menu. No matter whether it’s KFC, McDonald’s or Starbucks, there’s always some exotic or crazy-sounding localized products that will blow your mind.

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For example, when traveling in India earlier this month, we tried an extra-hot paneer burger at McDonald’s that burned our mouths; & I accidently ordered a vegetarian potato burger at KFC that I thought was chicken sandwich.

Before jumping to lớn all the cooking details, let me tell you some fun facts about Pizza Hut in China.

(1) Pizza Hut opened its first Beijing branch in 1990, officially introducing the concept of pizza to lớn Chinese people. Before that point, most people had never seen or tried a pizza in their life. I belonged to that group as well.

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(2) The Chinese translation of “Pizza Hut” is “Must-Win Client”, or Bi Sheng Ke (必胜客) – it has nothing to bởi with pizza. I suspect the name was created based on the fact that back in the 90s, most people didn’t know what a pizza was.

(3) Pizza Hut’s Chinese sale position is rather high-end, promoting a happy middle-class image that most people aspire to. It’s not unusual to lớn see big, bright chain stores that have 2 floors that can seat hundreds of people – you need khổng lồ wait in line khổng lồ get in for the busy lunch hour or afternoon tea session. Many pizzas are priced higher than in the US.

(4) The pizza sizes in China are: personal (6”), medium (9”), và large (12”). Conversely in the US it’s personal (8”) , medium (12”), and large (14”). My husband và I can order a 15” thin crust và finish it all in one sitting.

(5) There are many interesting items on the thực đơn that you’ve never heard of, such as:

Durian pizza (limited version), priced at $27 for a tiny 9-inch pizza!Pizza crust made with purple potato frosting.There are multiple seafood flavors, including one called “Italian bacon-wrapped scallop và squid”.


The last point leads to our topic today – Pizza Hut seafood pizza! It’s one of my favorite flavors of all time