How To Make Seafood Fried Rice : 7 Steps

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In case you hadn"t noticed—maybe you haven"t been here in a while or maybe this is your first time visiting—I"m craving fish and seafood hard lately. I can"t seem khổng lồ get enough of it. While I am happy to lớn eat it absolutely any time of the year, there"s something about the Lenten season that brings it lớn the forefront. I"m sure it"s the fact that I watch too much tv, và all the fast food places are advertising their fish sandwiches at every commercial break (because I"m not Catholic). Whatever the reason, I"m taking full advantage of it & working daily khổng lồ satisfy that craving.The other day at the market, I was passing a little freezer case, one of the kinds that"s open lượt thích a table, not shelves enclosed by doors. There amongst the packages of frozen mussels, clams, và lobster tails, there were a few packages of a cooked seafood phối that were labeled as "paella mix". It included individually quick frozen octopus, squid, mussels, shrimp, và surimi (aka fake fake crab legs or pollock). This triggered a memory of seeing Nigella use a bag of frozen seafood to lớn make a speedy seafood supper once upon a time. I remember wanting lớn make that; into my cart it went. Okay, into my cart went 2 packages, because if you"re gonna vì it, you might as well vì it right.One package is still hanging out in the freezer awaiting it"s seafood supper fate a la Nigella Lawson. The other package made its way into a big batch of fried rice. Does that sound strange?I recently received a new wok. A beautiful 12 inch stainless steel one that is part of OXO"s new Stainless Steel Pro Cookware series. Although I think a wok is an essential piece of cookware lớn own, I haven"t had a good one in years. I"ve been testing out a bunch of high-heat stir-fries và other quick meals ever since. I happen khổng lồ love fried rice in any form, and thought it would be the perfect vehicle for featuring that extra bag of mixed seafood I picked up—and for making another dish in my new wok.

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I love cooking with good, heavy stainless steel; it makes me feel like I"m back in the restaurant. I"ve been wanting to lớn build up my own inventory, & after a week-long cooking spree with my new wok, I know that OXO"s new line fits the bill. It"s high quality, but it"s still pretty darn affordable. Here"s a glimpse at what you can expect from it...Features of OXO Stainless Steel Pro Cookware:Durable, all-metal 3-ply construction that can move directly from stovetop khổng lồ oven or broiler (safe up lớn 430° F).Made of stainless steel, which offers durability and elegance, but also superior heat conductivity.3-ply construction with stay-cool stainless steel handles.Drip-free pouring edges & rounded bottoms that make stirring easy.Made of professional-grade materials backed by a lifetime warranty.Clear, tempered glass lids so you can easily check on the progress of your dish.Dishwasher safe (not that I"d know, I am the dishwasher in this house).OXO Stainless Steel Pro Cookware Line:12 Inch Wok + Cover (as featured in this post)10 Inch Covered Skillet10 Inch mở cửa Frypan12 Inch open Frypan5 Quart Casserole + Cover2.5 Quart Sauce Pan + Cover11 Inch Square Grillpan13 Piece Set...still want khổng lồ know more? kiểm tra out the whole line of Stainless Steel Pro Cookware at the OXO website, or find more reviews by searching the #OXOCookware hashtag on social media.Now, here"s the recipe for Mixed Seafood Fried Rice that you can enjoy now, or anytime of the year in endless variations by switching up the fish and seafood that you put into it!