Spring Rolls With Peanut Sauce


Spring rolls, fried spring rolls of the North or "cha ram" as the people of the Central region hotline them are one of the most popular và popular dishes in Vietnam.

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Depending on the region, there are different ways of wrapping spring rolls. The ingredients used khổng lồ make spring rolls are also very diverse such as pork, shrimp, mèo mushrooms, vermicelli, sweet potatoes, lotus seeds, carrots, chicken eggs, scallions, pepper, ... Are chopped và mixed with other ingredients. Then use a small piece ofrice paperrolled into an elongated, beautiful cylinder.


Origin và origin of spring rolls, spring rolls

Spring rolls are a pure Vietnamese dish of the South, so far it has been loved by people in all 3 regions, along with spring rollsbecoming an indispensable couple on the trays, during the traditional New Year holidays.

Delicious dishes from spring rolls, spring rolls

Depending on the preferences & tastes of each family, each region has created many delicious and attractive spring rolls such as minced shrimp spring rolls, corn spring rolls, shrimp chicken spring rolls, seafood spring rollsMayonnaise sauce, Taro spring rolls, meat mushroom spring rolls,...

Spring rolls are often used as appetizers at parties, very delicious when dipped with dishes such as spring rolls, vermicelli, wet cakes, ...

How khổng lồ make spring rolls, spring rolls at home

Chop your favorite ingredients và seasoning sheets.

The types of rice paper used are also very diverse, creating their own flavors such as soft beef rice paper, rice paper, rice paper or sesame rice paper.... You should choose a delicious spring roll rice paper. And suitable for family preferences. Put a sufficient amount of filling, two sides và roll evenly.

Fry the spring rolls in the oil until golden brown, then remove & drain the oil.

Can be served with chili sauce or dipping sauce as you like with a little cucumber or green vegetables khổng lồ reduce boredom.

Today's famous spring rolls and ram brands

If you vị not have much time lớn roll spring rolls, you can choose frozen spring rolls that are already rolled, convenient & delicious. Prominent brands include Vissan spring rolls, Phi Long spring rolls, La Cusina spring rolls, Cau Tre spring rolls,...

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Notes and ways khổng lồ preserve spring rolls, ram rolls

Look carefully at the expiration date of the product before buying, if you buy it for trang chủ use, you should choose a sản phẩm with a long shelf life.

For frozen products in general and spring rolls in particular, you should buy products that are kept in the freezer, khổng lồ avoid the product being frozen and then defrosted many times.

Because this is a frozen food, it should be stored at -18 degrees Celsius or placed in the freezer compartment.

How to lớn use frozen spring rolls, spring rolls properly

Defrost the sản phẩm at room temperature for about 30 minutes, or transfer it to lớn the refrigerator for 4-6 hours.

When frying spring rolls, you should kiểm tra the oil with the tip of your chopsticks, when you see the oil bubbling at the tip of the chopsticks, then fry the spring rolls on low heat & turn the side, soup continuously.

After frying, use absorbent paper lớn remove the fat in the rolls.


Questions about spring rolls, spring rollsSpring rolls, ram rolls how many Kcal? Is it fat to eat spring rolls & ram rolls?

Studies show that, on average, 100g of spring rolls will contain about 600 Kcal of energy, including 13g of fat, 5.3g of starch. With an average energy màn chơi for each meal of about 667 Kcal, this dish still does not exceed the body's need.

However, this is a dish that provides a lot of energy và contains a significant amount of fat, so it is necessary to lớn consider the appropriate amount khổng lồ not cause weight gain.

What is English spring roll and ram?

In English, spring rolls are called "spring rolls", when you go shopping or eat at places where Vietnamese is not spoken, you can use this word to lớn remind about spring rolls.

Where to buy quality spring rolls, frozen spring rolls? How much?

Agriculture Vietnam is trading a lot of reputable and genuine quality spring rolls and ram rolls from big brands with reasonable prices from only 40,000 - 80,000 VND depending on the type. In addition, you will receive fast home delivery & have the opportunity to receive many attractive incentives when ordering at dienmayducminh.com.vn.