Diy Rice Scrub Recipes With Rice For Smooth & Radiant Skin


5 toàn thân scrub with rice

For body Scrub rice is an excellent exfoliant, but you can improve its cosmetic properties by mixing it with other natural products such as honey, milk or oats. Furthermore, we know you have read countless body toàn thân scrub recipes for a silky và perfect skin. You’ll find recipes based on fruit, flowers or salt, but you’ve probably never found rice-based toàn thân scrub recipes.

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Moreover, you should know that rice powder has been used for centuries by women of the Asian continent khổng lồ enhance beauty. This is because rice has exceptional properties that include:

Anti-aging effects Absorption of excess sebum Anti-inflammatory properties Natural whitening of the skin Reduce sunburns

Additionally, with these benefits, we are sure you already want khổng lồ discover somebody scrub recipes with rice for the incredible skin. Ready?

1. Exfoliating lớn soften the skin

The first rice scrub is ideal for skins that have not received care for a few months. Rice exfoliate, purifies và remineralizes your skin in minutes. Together with, honey và coconut oil act as natural moisturizers và softeners. Moreover, we recommend exfoliation during the shower và after the soap so that the skin is clean. As well as, the skin will be silky and soft with just a three-minute message.


1 cup of semi-solid rice powder (200 g) 1/4 cup brown sugar (50 g) 4 tablespoons of organic honey (100 g) 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (15 g)


phối all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Moreover, after cleaning your toàn thân with soap and rinsing it. Additionally, apply the exfoliant with a light circular massage. Rinse with warm water. Moreover, apply a moisturizer if your skin is very dry. Otherwise, coconut oil and honey are enough & equally important. Use this exfoliant once a week.

2. Mask made from rice to balance sebum and shine The second of the scrubs with rice is thought specifically for the face và oily skin. Moreover, you can also apply it to areas of your body toàn thân that have acne or fatigue problems. Furthermore, it is a mask rich in vitamins và antioxidants that nourish the skin & combat the effects of stress. Similarly, orange và rice powder will remove excess fat. Meanwhile, yogurt, apples, & cherries provide the right amount of moisture.


1 orange 2 tablespoons of rice powder (20 g) 1/2 mature táo khuyết 3 cherries 2 tablespoons cold yogurt (40 g) 1 cube of ice


set the rice & the fruit until you get a creamy paste. địa chỉ cửa hàng the cold yogurt & mix well. Apply the mask to lớn the clean face & let it sit for 30 minutes. Clean with cold water. Moreover, at the kết thúc close the pores by passing an ice cube.

3. Rice water khổng lồ even out the complexion

One-third of body scrubs made from rice is a tonic easy to prepare. In addition khổng lồ fighting against fats và acne, it helps khổng lồ unify the skin. It is an ideal hàng hóa to fight against the darkening of more problematic areas such as underarms và crotch. Furthermore, if you use this exfoliator on the face or in the body toàn thân parts exposed to lớn the sun, apply sunscreen. In this way, you will prevent the spots from becoming noticeable & larger.


50% cup of raw rice (100 g) 1 cup warm water (250 ml) 3 tablespoons lemon juice (30 ml)


Soak the rice in the water overnight. In the morning, remove the grains of rice and showroom the lemon juice to the water. Refrigerate the water with the lemon for one hour. Wet a cốt tông ball in the water and apply it on your face or dark areas. Let stand for 30 minutes and rinse with fresh water.

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4. Rice scrub lớn eliminate redness Reddened skin tends khổng lồ look tired và old. Therefore, the use of a daily sunscreen is essential khổng lồ keep the skin looking young & alive. Furthermore, rice flour will remove dead cells and promote the creation of new cells. The milk will provide nutrients that soften the skin và soothe the burning sensation if there is one. Additionally, cocoa butter provides antioxidants that give a youthful và smooth appearance. Ingredients

1/3 cup of rice flour (70 g) 50% cup cold milk (125 ml) 3 tablespoons cocoa butter (60 g)


mix the three ingredients until a smooth paste is obtained. Apply on clean skin and let stand for trăng tròn minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Body Scrub


5. Scrub with rice and baking soda

Similarly, if your skin is completely normal and you only want a deep cleansing scrub, try this one. Furthermore, the baking soda extracts the impurities that accumulate and refreshes the skin completely.

ingredients 1. Cup warm water (250 ml) 2. Tablespoons of baking soda (20 g) 3. 2 tablespoons ground rice (20 g)


set the water with the bicarbonate. When the mixture is homogeneous, địa chỉ the rice & mix well. Rinse with warm water & apply your moisturizer.

Therefore, enjoy these body toàn thân scrubs with rice for a dream skin. As you can see, thanks lớn their softness, it is possible to apply them on the face và on the body.

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