Salty meat doughnuts


Hi Hi & Happy Sunday! Things are kind of chaotic around here - we head khổng lồ New Zealand on Wednesday, so are furiously packing / cleaning / trying to shoot as many things as I can so I have content while I am away. I love going back home to visit so, so much, but the lead up to actually leaving always has me a little frazzled. Which makes it easy to lớn sleep on the plane, but it is never not stressful. We have got a bunch of things planned while we are home - a mixture of some extreme adulting và then catching up with friends & family. I can"t wait!

One thing I have already promised to vày when I get trang chủ is lớn make doughnuts! They are such a fun thing khổng lồ make for a morning or afternoon tea - still nice and simple, but different enough that everyone is always super excited by them. Up until now I have only really made sweet doughnuts before (I actually have three doughnut recipes up và coming for you!), but wanted to lớn try a savoury version this time, so turned to the classic combination of Pesto & Feta. Và let me tell you right now - I"m hooked.

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I used my go-to brioche dough, which is insanely versatile và can be used for knots, babkas, twists, doughnuts, hamburger buns, you name it, it probably works. I developed it maybe a year or so ago, and I love how reliable & adaptable it is. I added a little lemon zest và cracked pepper lớn the dough, then once it had done its first rise, I divided it into 12 balls, then stuffed each one with some feta, and Filippo Berio Basil Pesto. The combination of Pesto và feta is a well-loved one, but it never gets old. The salty feta compliments the herby pesto, making the perfect filling for so many things, including savoury doughnuts. It is such a nice change khổng lồ have a doughnut that isn"t sweet or fruit filled - these will be making their way into my recipe rotation, and I vày hope that you give them a try!

This is my fourth post in partnership with Filippo Berio, helping lớn showcase their amazing hàng hóa as part of their pestonality tour. Until now I had made most of my own pesto because I wasn"t able khổng lồ find a good jarred pesto, but all of that has changed Last weekend Rich và I went to lớn Bridgehampton lớn visit them at the Hampton Classic, & had the best time! I had no idea horse jumping would be so, so exciting lớn watch, và the setting was so beautiful.I"ve attached a few photos underneath of the day. Happy Doughnutting!

A few wee tips:

If you want lớn make these early in the day, you can bởi vì the first rise in the fridge - the dough may just need to sit out slightly before you start working with it. When you roll these, you kind of cup your hand over the roll & move it in a circle so that the friction between the dough và the surface seals off the filling. Make sure to give it a good pinch too. Because you need the friction, don"t heavily flour your surface. I use a dutch oven lớn fry doughnuts in & love it because of how well và evenly it retains the heat. A digital or candy thermometer that clips onto the side is also very helpful - make sure your oil is deep enough and that the tip of the thermometer is in the middle of the oil in order lớn get an accurate reading.

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A chú ý on salt and oven temperature

It is important to lưu ý the type of salt that is called for in a recipe. I use đá quí Crystal salt throughout my recipes - if you use a different sort of kosher salt or regular table salt you will need lớn adjust accordingly as some salt is "saltier" than others. Morton"s salt is twice as salty, so you will need half the quantity. Same goes for a regular table salt. I am working to get gram measurements throughout my recipes for salt but still getting there.

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