Chả lụa (vietnamese steamed pork sausage) recipe

Giò Thủ is one of the popular dishes that we usually see during Tết. When we were in Vietnam, my mom always bought & prepared lots of fooda week before the arrival of the New Year since food plays a large part in đầu năm mới celebration; she makes sure that there would plenty of foodto last usfor at least three days since it is taboo to lớn work or cook during the first three days of Tết.It alsowould be bad luck otherwiseto not have enough food at the beginning of the year. On the morning ofthe first day ofthe New Year, I would hurrydown the kitchento tasteall the wonderful dishes such as nem chua(cured/fermented pork), chả giò (Vietnamese ham), lạp xưởng (Chinese sausage), giết thịt kho trứng (braised caramel pork), bánh chưng, bánh tét(traditional Vietnamese steamed cakes), bún măng vịt (bamboo shoot & chicken noodle soup),củ kiệu (pickled spring onions), dưa món (pickled vegetables in fish sauce) và of course giò thủ.

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Giò Thủ originated from the northern region. Its name is quality to the north. Giò ̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣which is usually known as Chả in the otherregions of Vietnam is a meat patty or roll. Thủrefers tothe head of the pig.Giò Thủ is translated as head cheese though it"s not madeout of cheese but a gelatinous meaty rollmadefrom the various parts ofthe head of a pig. This gelatinoushead cheese ismade of pig tongues, snouts, ears và cheeks whichare the main ingredients, flavored with garlic, scallions, onions, black fungus, fish sauce and black pepperthen simmered khổng lồ produce thegelatinous meat. When cooled,the meatcongeals because of the natural gelatin. Traditionally, giò thủ is wrapped in banana leaves và compressed in a mold until the gelatinfromthe various parts of the pig causes it to lớn stick together.

Giò Thủ isdefinitely anacquired dish. I love the marble texture và the crunchy cartilagewith every bite. It is a delicious, chewy, crunchy, meaty dish embodied witha deep, spicy, strong flavor from thefragnant garlic, scallion andblack peppercorns; it"spaired well with pickled vegetables in fish sauce (dưa món), & a cold beer.Giò Thủis one of those colddishes best enjoyedand not revealed; this is where ignorance is truly bliss I suppose.