Instructions For Sausage Stuffing With A Hand Grinder Recipe


Making your own homemade breakfast sausage is not only delicious, but satisfying! Plus, it’s easy that you think! check out this full tutorial on how khổng lồ make homemade breakfast sausage.

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How khổng lồ Make Homemade Breakfast Sausage

There is nothing more delicious than food grown, caught, hunted, or prepared by your own hands! As you all know our family loves to lớn cook and share the recipes with you so that you can enjoy these little joys of life right in your own kitchen. Growing up in Michigan my family has always loved to lớn grow their own crops, fish on one of the many lakes, hunt out on the acres of xuất hiện land, and then enjoy the benefits of fresh food from nature right on khổng lồ the table in your kitchen.

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My husband has hunted alligator, quail, deer, và we enjoy fishing often. The one thing he always says afterwards is how peaceful his day was enjoying nature as he walked through the woods, waded in the water while fishing, or sat quietly in a deer blind. I love being able khổng lồ take his hard day of work out in nature & turning it into something delicious và healthy!

There are so many benefits to preparing your own food and meats at home. First và most important is the health and chất lượng aspect. When you buy prepared meats from the store, we have no idea what type of preservatives or other ingredients are in them. When you bởi vì it yourself, you know exactly what you are eating and can choose what to lớn put into your recipe. Another great benefit, especially when you are raising a family, is the cost. The cost of fish or meat can range greatly according to lớn the time of year, where you live, và what kind of sale the grocery store has lớn offer. When you hunt or fish, the only “cost” is your time. What better way lớn spend your time than enjoying nature? Our favorite benefit of preparing our own food at home is that it is a great way khổng lồ spend time with the family! Of course creating recipes and making food at home takes time, but everyone can contribute and we have fun doing it.

Today I am going to chia sẻ with you how easy it is to lớn process your own meats into something you can eat for breakfast every morning!


Ready to make homemade breakfast sausage too? Hover over the photo to click through to lớn & the products to lớn get you started!

Using the LEM Big Bite® Grinder – 0.5 HP, we made some awesome maple breakfast sausage patties with Backwoods Sausage Seasoning. The LEM Big Bite® Grinder is so easy to lớn use you will be whipping up homemade sausages, burgers, and grinding meat all of the time!

The LEM Big Bite® Grinder comes with all stainless steel accessories including:

1 Meat Pan/Hopper1 Stuffing Plate, 1 Course Plate1 Fine Plate1 Knife3 Stuffing Tubes to make sausages/hot dogs1 Meat Stomper

Compared lớn other meat grinders we have used in the past, the LEM Big Bite® Grinder was so much more efficient. It was very quiet, very fast, and never clogged. Due to lớn the Big Bite công nghệ the augur that grinds the meat is spaced out và pushes the meat through faster and effortlessly. We grounded up 5 pounds of meat in less than one minute!


The only thing you need to vị to get started once your grinder is assembled is khổng lồ decide how coarse you would lượt thích the ground meat. Select the plate you would lượt thích to use, attach it, và the screw on the collar and you are good to go. Considering all of the stainless steel parts and accessories that the LEM Big Bite® Grinder comes with, clean up was a breeze. You can either wash by hand or toss all of the parts right into the dishwasher.

What you will need to lớn make your own homemade breakfast sausage:

LEM Big Bite® Grinder5lbs Meat of Choice (pork, venison, beef, or combination)Sharp Knife1 packet of LEM Sausage Seasonings, we used the Backwoods Maple Sausage Seasoning

How to lớn make Homemade Breakfast Sausage:

Step 1: Trim meat and cut meat into strips

Step 2: Load the meat on lớn the Meat Pan/Hopper on the LEM Big Bite® Grinder