Sausage rolls

Epic, EASY classic homemade sausage rolls recipe that I dare say rivals the famous Bourke St Bakery, declared by many as the best sausage rolls in Australia!

It takes more than store bought sausage mince lớn make a truly delicious filling. The little but important thing I vày that takes this from “yummy” to “OMG these are incredible!!” is to sauté garlic, onion, celery and BACON khổng lồ mix into pork mince (not store bought sausage meat!).


Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are Australia’s answer to lớn America’s Pigs in a Blanket – but (I’m going to lớn say it!!) SO MUCH BETTER!!!

A juicy homemade sausage mixture wrapped in puff pastry.

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I mean really – vì chưng you need any more information than that to lớn know these are wickedly delicious?

Brits reading this are probably rolling their eyes or getting fired up, thinking “Hey!!! WE invented Sausage Rolls!”

OK, true that. One might say australia has adopted it as our own.