Fried rice with chinese sausage recipe


Do you love fried rice & want lớn make it at home? This sausage fried rice is easy to make & the taste is amazing. You are going to lớn love learning how to make fried rice at home.

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Fried rice is one of those staples that is so easy lớn make. I know that I have made so many different versions but this is the easiest by far. You will possibly already have everything that you need khổng lồ make this Easy Fried Rice right in your kitchen. Variations to lớn Tasty Fried Rice


My favorite rendition of fried rice has sausage as the meat. My veggies of choice are peas, carrots, và onions. All of these flavors together just mesh along with the egg and, of course, soy sauce và garlic. The sausage gives a flavor that I absolutely love but is always optional in this fried rice. I have made it both ways và have enjoyed every single bite.

If you are looking for ways to lớn change this recipe, you can consider:

Different Meat: You can change the sausage to whatever meat you like. You can use diced chicken, steak, ground beef, diced pork chops or even ham.Vegetarian: If you want to lớn make this a meatless meal, it will taste just as delicious. This is a great idea for pairing this tasty fried rice with any meat.Use Leftovers: When you are making this dish, it can be a great way lớn use leftovers. If you have leftover meat or veggies, địa chỉ cửa hàng it to this fried rice as a way khổng lồ create a new meal with them.


What lớn Serve with Tasty Fried Rice

This makes a delicious side dish or a main meal. That is the beauty of it. It is easy lớn make it exactly what you want. Consider serving it with:

How to lớn Make Fried Rice

A wok is definitely preferable for making foods lượt thích this, but if you vì chưng not have one, a skillet will work. There is just something about being able to lớn saute the garlic và onion up in a wok that I love.

Lots might not say fried rice as comfort food but for me, it’s up there on the list. Making a filling meal all in the same pan is also a win!All of the flavors set so well together when they are combined in the sesame oil. Adding in the egg is one of my favorite parts as well because really you can showroom as little or as much as you want.

The best part of making this fried rice recipe is you can make it your own và it will still taste amazing.

What is the Best Rice for Fried Rice

When making fried rice, the best rice lớn use is a medium khổng lồ long-grain rice. This gives fluffy sturdy rice that doesn’t clump together or fall apart once it is fried. You vị not want to use sweet rice or sushi rice because this rice tends to lớn stick together and gets too soft when cooked. If you want your fried rice khổng lồ be like take out fried rice, you will want to use the medium or long grain rice.

Use cooked chilled rice. The best rice lớn use for fried rice is day-old rice. When the rice has cooled & sat overnight, it gives the rice a chance lớn firm up. This prevents the rice from getting mushy. If you need to make the rice the same day you can decrease the water slightly or freeze the rice for a few hours before using it for the fried rice.

Inexpensive Egg Fried Rice for a Crowd

Recipes like this are also amazing when it comes time lớn feed a crowd of people. It is not super expensive to lớn get all the ingredients khổng lồ make. This means that the cost per serving is low & you won’t come out of pocket a lot if you are having a big get together. In this case, you could even make two separate versions of this Easy Fried Rice. One of the dishes could have the sausage & then the other could be meatless. So many options are there!Have you ever made a fried rice dish before with sausage? It’s not your typical meat that you see on a thực đơn but it packs so much flavor! I hope that you give this a try và let me know how you like it.

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Ingredients in Sausage Fried Rice

cooked ricesesame oilpeas và carrotsoniongarliceggssoy saucesausageOptional: yellow, red pepper cut into small pieces


How khổng lồ Make Sausage Fried Rice

Step 1. In a large pan or wok, heat the sesame oil over medium heat. Showroom the garlic and onion, & cook until tender.


Step 2. If using sausage, add it lớn the pan & cook until thoroughly warmed through.

Step 3. showroom the peas/carrots & cook until warmed.


Step 4. Slightly beat the eggs. Move the contents of the pan to lớn one side and địa chỉ the eggs. Continue cooking until eggs are cooked through. Chop them up and incorporate the eggs into the mixture.


Step 5. add the rice và soy sauce to the pan, & incorporate well. You may want to địa chỉ more soy sauce, depending on your tastes.