How To Make Homemade Sausage

Homemade sausages are soo rewarding and, folks, they only require nothing more than mince/ ground meat, seasonings, natural casings, & a mincer although it is a simple task nowadays lớn get your meat minced by your butcher.

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How easy & wonderful, right?!


I did grow up making sausages at trang chủ every Christmas time with fresh meat, oh it was smelling in the air because everyone was making it. I used to lớn LOVE IT and my parents will always ask for help with making these beauties. All such great memories.

We now, make sausages several times a year, whenever we fancy, smoke them if we want (we normally do as a form of preserving) portion them & freeze them. We make small batches (2-3 kg or 4-6 lb of meat at the time to lớn have for up khổng lồ three months và then we make it again.

Making these homemade sausages is one of those lost activities & I am not sure why as it really is not as difficult as it sounds. At its heart, a sausage is solely ground meat, some fat (many times I don"t even bother with that but I know my parents would tell me off if I try & cut that out), salt, & flavorings such as spices và dry herbs.

It really is not much more involved than grinding your own hamburger; you don’t even have to lớn stuff it into link if you don’t want to và end up with something lượt thích these mở cửa sausages called mici.

How to lớn make homemade sausages

A good sausage is all about balance, the balance of salt, amount of fat, spices, & herbs.

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Knowing a proper ratio of salt to meat (and fat) is essential, but once you understand it you can adjust lớn your own preferences in terms of saltiness, which varies massively amongst people.

Sometimes adding some liquid helps tighten the bind when you mix the sausage meat which is important. The amount of fat is also important & as much as some argue that this should be at least đôi mươi percent. I would say up to 20% - I really bởi not like them when they are too fatty. Sausages are guilty pleasures already but let"s not make them total heart killers & keep them still on the healthier side. We have tried & made 5% fat sausages..... Errrr, no! Too dry. Not worth it, if you make them yes, add some fat, it is essential.

So, beyond all these “house rules,” your ingredient các mục is limitless go wild with your imagination. You can toss in as few or as many flavorings & spices as well as herbs. What liquid to use? I would only recommend water or some wine