How To Make Homemade Chicken Sausage (With Pictures)


Today it is already difficult to lớn imagine a situation when there is no sausage in the refrigerator. It is used for making sandwiches, salads, cold appetizers và even hot dishes.

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But, every year, the chất lượng of purchased sausage leaves much to lớn be desired, and if there is a good sausage for sale, then the price for it is several times higher than the price for meat.

This was the reason that many housewives are beginning to lớn be interested in, and is it possible to lớn make high-quality sausage without all sorts of additives only from proven ingredients at home, so that it turns out tasty, juicy and fragrant.

Of course, it’s possible, besides, it is not necessary to lớn have protein filler for this, you can make sausages both in foil và in food film, & in a plastic bag, so that the absence of intestines should not scare you away & force you to lớn abandon the idea of ​​trying a natural meat product.

How lớn make homemade sausage without guts - general principles of cooking

The process of making homemade sausage consists of several steps:

1. Hàng hóa selection. Decide what kind of meat the sản phẩm will be made of: it can be pork, beef, lamb, chicken, và even offal. What kind of sausage you want to lớn see: fat, bold, fat-free - if necessary, prepare lard. Now select spices, binding ingredients (egg or starch), as well as additional components (garlic, greens, possibly mushrooms, nuts, cereals).

2. The choice of the shell. For cooking sausages without guts, they usually use cling film and plastic bag, for baking in the oven - baking paper, foil.

3. Cooking. The hàng hóa can be made from delicate minced meat of uniform consistency, from minced meat or mixed minced meat - it all depends on your preferences. Sausage at trang chủ can be boiled or baked.

4. Cooling the finished product và storing. After cooking, the sausage is cooled at room temperature, after it is removed for several hours in the refrigerator. Store the sausage in a tightly wrapped bag or parchment paper for a week.

Recipe 1: How lớn cook homemade chicken và meat sausage without chicken intestines


• a pound of chicken fillet;

• a pound of chicken liver;

• a pound of pork fat;

• 25 g of salt;

• three cloves of garlic;

• to lớn taste black pepper;

• three eggs;

• three tablespoons of potato starch;

• three tablespoons of semolina.


1. Rinse all meat ingredients, remove film & veins if necessary. Cut into large chunks, twist everything through a meat grinder.

2. Thoroughly set the minced meat with starch, eggs, salt, semolina, chopped garlic và black pepper. It is necessary khổng lồ knead for a long time và carefully so that the mass is even, without a single lump.

3. Minced meat divided into three or four parts, to khung neat sausages. Wrap each sausage in cling film, twisting the ends with thread if necessary.

4. Fold all the packed liver & meat sausages in one bag, place it in a deep pan và cover with water.

5. Boil after boiling for an hour & a half.

Recipe 2: How lớn cook low-fat homemade sausage without pork intestines

Minced sausage should be very tender. Therefore, grind và grind the ingredients have many times.


• two kilograms of boneless pork;

• five cloves of garlic;

• half a teaspoon of crushed basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley;

• egg;

• ground pepper;

• pinch of coriander;

• pinch of sugar;

• salt khổng lồ taste;

• 60 grams of dry cream.


1. Lớn clear meat of fat, lived và streak, to lớn grind through the small lattice of the meat grinder.

2. Put the minced meat into a blender bowl and grind again.

3. Enumerate the stuffing with your hands, if the veins are left - remove them, grind them again in a blender.

4. địa chỉ cửa hàng salt, grated garlic and dry cream. Grind all the ingredients another two or three times khổng lồ get the most gentle mass.

5. Add ground pepper, salt approximately as on cutlets, coriander, egg lớn ready minced pork.

6. Thoroughly knead the mince with spices, like dough. 7. Size a piece of minced sausage bar, put it on parchment paper, wrap the parchment in the form of a candy, tie up the tails with string.

8. With the rest of the stuffing bởi vì the same.

9. Each bar in parchment wrapped in foil.

10. Put the sausages in a wide and deep pan, cover with water, put the oppression so that the sausages vì not pop up. This may be a heavy plate of smaller diameter.

11. Cook after boiling on low heat for about 1 hour và 15 minutes.

12. Remove the prepared sausage, cool it and, without unwinding, remove it for 12 hours in the refrigerator.

13. Remove the sausage, remove it from the improvised guts, roll in dry herbs.

14. Wrap in clean parchment.

Recipe 3: How khổng lồ cook chopped homemade sausage without chicken guts with nuts


• kilogram of chicken meat without skin and bones;

• one carrot;

• two sweet peppers;

• 100 grams of walnuts;

• 15 grams of salt;

• 30 grams of instant gelatin;

• 15 grams paprika with ground;

• 5 cloves of garlic.


1. Boil carrots and peel.

2. Cut the washed and dried meat into small cubes of 1.5 cm.

3. Cut the carrots và sweet peppers into thin strips, break the nuts with your hands, and rub the garlic.

4. Put chicken, vegetables và nuts in a large bowl, địa chỉ salt, paprika, gelatin & garlic, set everything thoroughly.

5. Put a quarter of minced meat on food film, wrap tightly in a sausage in several layers. Be sure lớn fold the film on the sides, trying to lớn make sure that there is not a single hole.

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6. In the same way, roll three more sausages.

7. Wrap each sausage in a film in an additional plastic bag - this is a safety net so that the juice from the sausage does not flow out exactly.

8. Cook in plenty of water in a deep, wide saucepan for an hour, make sure that the sausages are fully submerged in water, you can phối the press.

9. After turning off the heat, let the sausage stand for another 15 minutes in the water, carefully remove it with a slotted spoon.

10. Cool to lớn room temperature, remove for 6-8 hours in the refrigerator.

Recipe 4: How lớn make homemade sausage without guts made from pork and chicken


• one và a half kilograms of not very fat pork;

• one & a half kilograms of chicken thighs;

• two cloves of garlic;

• khổng lồ taste hot, allspice và white pepper;

• 10 grams of nutmeg;

• 50 g of salt;

• sugar - half a teaspoon.


1. Rinse the meat, chop and mince. The grid should be chosen with large holes.

2. Lớn carve a hen: separate the meat from the bones, remove the skin. Cut into small cubes literally 0.8-1 centimet wide.

3. Mix the chopped garlic with salt, nutmeg, sugar và pepper with minced meat và chicken pieces.

4. Stir until the consistency of minced meat is uniform.

5. To khung two loaves of sausage from the mass, both products should be tightly packed in three khổng lồ five layers of foil.

6. Heat the oven lớn 40 degrees, put the sausage on the grill, bake for 2 hours.

7. Increase the temperature lớn 60 degrees, bake as much again.

8. địa chỉ cửa hàng to 80 degrees, keep another 15 minutes.

9. Cool, put in the refrigerator for several hours.

Recipe 5: How lớn make homemade beef sausage without guts in foil


• kilogram of young beef or veal;

• 200 grams of mutton fat;

• a few cloves of garlic;

• 30 g of salt;

• a small spoon of dried dill;

• 5 grams of curry.


1. Prepare the meat for scrolling on a large grid: wash, chop.

2. Twist together with garlic and lamb fat.

3. Mix the minced meat with curry, dried dill, salt.

4. Knead the stuffing well.

5. If the stuffing came out watery, you can địa chỉ cửa hàng a couple of tablespoons of flour or semolina.

6. Wrap the minced meat in foil in the size of a large candy.

7. Bake, laid out on a baking sheet, in an oven heated khổng lồ 200 degrees for 50 minutes.

8. Before serving, simply cool the sausage either at room temperature, or by wrapping it in film & dipping it in cold water.

Recipe 6: How khổng lồ cook liverless homemade sausage without guts

Ingredients: • kilogram of chicken stomachs;

• 200 grams of lard;

• lớn taste salt & red pepper;

• 5 grams of ground zira;

• optional garlic;

• three raw egg yolks;

• đôi mươi grams of dry gelatin;

• 40 grams of starch;

• pinch of nutmeg


1. Thoroughly clean & wash the chicken stomachs, cut them into two or three parts.

2. Pass through a meat grinder fat, stomachs, garlic.

3. Mix the liver mince with the remaining ingredients.

4. Leave lớn rest for 30 minutes, then place in a tight bag and form a tight sausage.

5. Sausage properly pull và wrap with twine or thick thread.

6. Boil in water for an hour and a half, remove, cool, put away for 5-6 hours in the refrigerator.

How khổng lồ make homemade sausage without guts - tips & helpful tips

• Meat for homemade sausage must be of high unique and always fresh. It is best to buy chilled product, if you still have only frozen meat, it is recommended lớn thaw the sản phẩm on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, or in a microwave oven.

• Spices can be added lớn taste. Lớn make a beautiful color, you can put turmeric, curry or dried paprika in minced meat.

• Homemade sausage can be served as a meat component khổng lồ any dish, as a cold snack or as a filler for sandwiches.

• If you have not installed a press when cooking sausages, turn the sausage from side lớn side every 10-15 minutes.

• Sausage cooked at home is stored in the refrigerator for no more than one week.