Lkxharleya 14m x 28mm dry sausage collagen casing

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One of the most satisfying tasks for any dedicated trang chủ cook is making your own sausage.

You’ve gotten good at cooking the main meats lượt thích brisket, pork butt, & chicken, but the great pitmasters separate themselves with their home-made sausage recipes.

While your local grocer may have their fair share of fresh sausages on the shelf, it’s entirely possible lớn make your own at home.

Sausage making can seem lượt thích a daunting task if you’ve never done it before, but it’s not as hard as it initially seems. Investing in the right tools will make the experience that much easier.

We will take you through the sausage-making process from đứng top to bottom, let you know what equipment you need, và cover step-by-step instructions so you can make your own sausage at home.

Let’s dig in!

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What you will needHow lớn make Sausage: Step-by-Step instructionsBest sausage making recipes

What you will need

There are a few necessary supplies you’ll need to lớn start making sausages. Having these in place will ensure you’ll be mix up for success & come away with a great end result.

Let’s take a look:

A meat grinder

One of the most important parts of sausage-making (aside from fresh ingredients) is a quality meat grinder.

Meat grinders are pretty simple in terms of operating & can be electric or manually driven. Let’s go over the benefits of both.

Electric meat grinders

Manual meat grinders are hand-cranked and definitely slower than electric grinders, but the benefit comes in the way of control. You can control the tốc độ at which meat is ground & how fast it comes out of the grind-plate.

They allow for more of a “feel” và give larger room for error in adjusting the output meat volume. Plus, they’re a simpler machine with fewer parts that need to lớn be replaced over time.


The type of sausage you’re making will dictate what type of casing you need. Casings come in different shapes and sizes, natural & artificial, and have different purposes based on a recipe. Let’s explore the variations.

Natural casings

If you’ve eaten a bratwurst before then you’ve had a sausage enclosed in a natural casing. Though it may sound off-putting, the fact is natural casings come from the intestines of other animals – most notably from hogs. Other common natural casings come from beef và sheep.

Beef casings range in size from 38mm up to lớn 5 inches in diameter and are used in lớn make salami, bologna và mortadella.

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All-natural casings come packed in salt in vacuum-sealed containers for preservation. If you’re not going lớn use the whole package, the remaining casings can be repacked in salt và stored in a refrigerator for up khổng lồ two years.

Do not freeze natural casings. This will make them brittle và more apt khổng lồ bust or crack when filled.

Artificial casings

Artificial casings are made of collagen, cellulose, or sometimes plastic. They are relatively cheap in comparison to natural casings, and easier to manipulate onto the machinery without worry of rips or tears. Some also come pre-tubed for convenience when sliding onto the stuffer.

We’ve broken down the differences between artificial casings lớn help you decide which one is best for your recipe.

Collagen casings are derived from the collagen in beef skins & pig hides & are made by processing the collagen through an extrusion device at the desired diameter.

Sausage production costs via collagen is significantly lower than natural casings because of higher production speeds & lower cost of labor.

Edible collagen casings are used for a myriad of sausages from breakfast liên kết to snack sticks. They are extremely uniform in thickness thanks to lớn the extrusion process, very durable during stuffing, and take on smoke flavor easily.

Be sure to kiểm tra if the casing is edible or not, as some collagen casings are not suitable lớn eat. Those are used for larger sausages such as bolognas and summer sausages.