Chicken seasoning blend recipe


Are you looking for the best seasoning for chicken on the internet? You found it! This flavorful all-purpose chicken seasoning can be used to season breasts, legs, thighs, whole chickens, & more!

Best Seasoning for Chicken

How vày you know what lớn season you chicken with? Well, you could buy one of those pre-mixed chicken seasonings at the grocery store or you can make this homemade chicken seasoning!

This is seriously the best seasoning for chicken. It’s sweet, savory, và a little smokey all at the same time. It’s delicious used on a pan-seared chicken breast and in our homemade chicken and rice recipe. You can also use it lớn season all cuts of chicken.

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What does this chicken seasoning look like?

Most chicken seasonings look lượt thích this homemade chicken seasoning. It is usually beige and red in màu sắc with dried green herbs lượt thích thyme or rosemary.

Why Homemade Seasoning?

We lượt thích to make our own homemade seasonings for most things! Our pork rub, fajita seasoning, và homemade chili seasoning are some of our favorites. Homemade seasoning recipes are the best because:

Salt control: you get to control how much salt you put in your spice blends! When you buy store-bought blends they end to having a lot of salt và sometimes even fillers!

Heat: Having control over the spice level & sweetness of spice blends is so helpful! You can make it your own!

Make-Ahead: Once you find a set you like, you can make a double or a triple batch and have it on hand!

Chicken Seasoning Ingredients

This chicken seasoning is made with pretty common dried herbs and spices that you likely have on hand already. Here is everything you need.

Garlic powderChili powderCuminDried thymeGround mustardDried basilGround pepperRed pepper flakesSea saltPaprikaBrown sugar

How khổng lồ Season Chicken

Wondering how khổng lồ season chicken? It’s so easy. Our #1 tip is to lớn make sure not khổng lồ under season your chicken. Nothing is worse than flavorless chicken. Plus, this seasoning isn’t overly salty, so you really can’t overseason.

Pat your chicken dry with a paper towel.Then, sprinkle seasoning on all sides of your chicken & lightly rub it into the meat.Let sit for around 15 minutes for optimal flavor.

Types of Chicken You Can Season

You can use this chicken seasoning any cut of chicken. From legs to thighs khổng lồ wings. You can’t go wrong.

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Cooking Methods

After you’ve decided what cut of chicken lớn use, you also have so many options for how you cook your seasoned chicken. Check out all the ways you can cook your chicken after you season it!

How much chicken seasoning to use?

A good rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of seasoning per 1 lb. Of chicken. Typically 1 lb. Of chicken breast yields around 3 chicken breasts, so you can use 1 teaspoon per breast.

How long does this seasoning last?

This homemade chicken seasoning will last around 3 months.


Store this seasoning in an airtight container such as a jar for up to 3 months in a cool, dark place.

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