Gà rang muối tây bắc món ăn ngon không thể bỏ qua


Awwww…..childhood memories of my maternal grandma making salt-baked chicken at our back kitchen in an old shophouse.

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As a child, I have always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, seeing her wrap bak zhangs, boil soups, make salt-baked chicken, and more. Everything was single-handedly done by grandma, with primitive kitchen tools & laborious processes. Little wonder none of my cousins replicated her recipes. This Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken recipe is a tribute khổng lồ grandma. While we have added in some new elements lớn her recipe, but really, I have vague memories of how she prepared the dish & can only remember the taste fondly. So, in order to lớn recreate the dish, we did some rounds of experiments và we are most happy with this recipe version, which we will cốt truyện in this blog.

Why Cook Chicken in a Salt Crust?

In various cultures, delicate foods such as fish or chicken/poultry are cooked using this method. The purpose of using salt crust is lớn lock in moisture so as to protect the food from drying. Doing so also ensures more even cooking khổng lồ maximise flavours.

The salt crust can be created simply by adding a sufficient quantity of coarse or fine salt khổng lồ cover the food item. Water may be sprayed on top, lớn help the salt form a hard crust. Alternatively, the salt may be mixed with egg white và flour to size a pliable paste. Our version is simple, we use coarse salt fried over high heat khổng lồ seal & cook the chicken. We filled a cast iron pot with salt và bury the chicken in to lớn create a closed vacuum surrounding the poultry with even heat.

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(Tip: we use a cast iron pot to lớn ensure even heating)

In the old days, grandma cooked the salt crust over low heat over a stove top (since we did not have ovens in those days). Since the oven confers more even heating, we are using the oven lớn complete the cooking process over medium heat. The salt crust thus acts like a cooking vessel và heat conductor, transferring heat khổng lồ the food in a slow và dry oven, which results in the most tender over product.

Some Tips to Making Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken


We have tried a few versions before we came up with this recipe. Here are a few important tips that we would like to highlight:

Size of Pot versus amount of salt used. This is important as we are trying lớn create a pot with no air vaccum, 3kg coarse salt in a 4 – 4.5 litres cast iron pot is about ideal, making allowance for the chicken. Vary the marinade ingredients according khổng lồ the kích thước of the chicken. We used a 900g chicken, but if you are using a bigger chicken, be sure khổng lồ increase the marinade accordingly & also increase the bake time by about 5 minutes per 200g increase in weight. Frying salt adequately. Frying the coarse salt over high heat for at least đôi mươi minutes is an important step as it provides a bed of constant temperature to cook the chicken. Let the chicken rest before pulling it apart. Vì chưng this lớn the juices in the chicken.