Baked spring rolls with chicken and spinach

These crispy baked spring rolls with chicken & spinach dipped in some soy sauce (gluten không lấy phí of course), they hit all the right spots! I love spring rolls so so much. With dinners lượt thích shrimp fried rice or stir fry noodles, these spring rolls are the best addition! The best part though is that they are made with rice paper- aka gluten không tính phí crispy goodness.

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Gluten Free

When we went gluten free in May, 2019 for my 3 year old it was a super big change in our house. So finding things that we loved previously that we could still eat now was really really nice. It definitely made the change a little easier to lớn focus on the good things we could eat instead of the things we had khổng lồ get rid of.

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Honestly going gluten free has been a great thing in our house. It"s challenging the way we cook, the ingredients we use, and it"s definitely making us healthier.

Rice paper is wonderful. It"s cheap & we still haven"t finished the pack of rice paper I got last time I went shopping and we have made a few batches of spring rolls. I love that these are baked spring rolls, not fried, and so easy khổng lồ put together as well.

Let"s talk Soy Sauce. I did not know that soy sauce had wheat in it., but I realized when I was making a meal (fried rice- you know it