How to make fresh vietnamese spring rolls

Bursting with veggies, these colorful fresh spring rolls are much easier khổng lồ make at home than you might think! Just don’t forget the peanut sauce!

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Just In Time for Summer: A (Relatively) Easy Spring Roll Recipe

Not to lớn be confused with an egg roll (which are deep-fried) fresh spring rolls are so, well, fresh! You’ll need to boil some water, but beyond that there’s really no cooking involved in making them. Lovers of Southeast Asian food that we are—and particularly Thai and Vietnamese cuisines—it was only a matter of time before we tried to make our own, homemade take on this classic Thai and Vietnamese restaurant dish. Crunchy and vegetable-packed, và always—always!—served with a peanut sauce và a sweet chili sauce for dipping, we kind of can’t get enough fresh rolls. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be thrilled to lớn know that it’s not actually all that hard to make them at home! You’ll need khổng lồ track down a few ingredients that might be new lớn you, lượt thích spring roll wrappers & vermicelli rice noodles, but they’re easily track-downable! Usually, you can find them in the “Asian foods” aisle of any major grocery store—where you might go khổng lồ look for sriracha và chili-garlic sauce. The rest is easy and—dare we say—fun!


What is Usually in a Spring Roll?

Fresh spring rolls are made of rice noodles, lots of fresh, crunchy veggies và (often) shrimp or tofu. We’ve opted khổng lồ use shrimp because it’s what we usually order và because it’s so colorful and beautiful. You can use tofu if you’d like—baked và seasoned tofu would be nice—or you can double down on the veggies! However, even if you leave the shrimp out, don’t serve these to vegetarian friends without a caveat, because there is some fish sauce in the dipping sauces! So, here’s what you’ll need khổng lồ make our spring rolls:



Butter lettuce

Persian or English cucumbers

Fresh herbs: cilantro, mint, basil, or green onions!



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Tips for Rolling Spring Rolls

If you haven’t worked with spring roll wrappers before, you might be a little nervous about it, but it’s pretty easy! and remember, it’s just food! You’ll still be able to eat it, even if your first attempt at rolling a fresh roll isn’t quite restaurant-level pretty. Và you’ll get better & better at it as you go along. Here are a few tips khổng lồ set you up for spring roll success:

Use warm water lớn soften the wrappers, but not boiling hot! It doesn’t take much khổng lồ soften them và get them ready to lớn use.

Ten seconds in that warm water is plenty—don’t over-soak them! It may sound strange, but they actually tend khổng lồ break if they get too soft.

Prep all of your fillings before you begin khổng lồ think about wrapping and rolling the spring rolls.

Make one fresh roll at a time, & work on a damp surface. At the edge closest to you, layer on a bit of lettuce, noodles, carrot, cucumber, some herbs & a few pieces of shrimp. Roll about half way, và then fold up the shorter sides lượt thích you would lớn make a burrito.

Keep the surface you are working slightly damp so that the rice papers don’t stick. You may need to keep rewetting the surface between spring rolls.



Don’t Forget the Dipping Sauces!

Peanut sauce is a must, và (we think) that sweet chili sauce is a must, too. They only take a few minutes to lớn whisk together và they’re SO very worth it. Spring rolls aren’t bland exactly—with shrimp & herbs và sweet lettuce, they’re really not!—but the seasoning comes, mostly, from dipping them into some kind of sauce or sauces. So yeah, make the sauces! All you’ll vị for each sauce is basically combine the ingredients with a fork or whisk until you’ve got something resembling a uniform sauce, so they really are simple. Here’s what you’ll need to make a sweet chili sauce & a homemade peanut sauce for dipping:

Brown sugar

Peanut butter.

Rice vinegar

Low-sodium soy sauce

Toasted sesame oil

Chili garlic sauce

Ground ginger

Granulated sugar

Fish sauce

Lime juice

Cancel Your Take Out và Roll Up Your Sleeves (and Spring Rolls)

We actually think that this recipe is a lot of fun to lớn make with your family! You can get the kids involved in the rolling and they get to do fun things lượt thích smear water around on the countertops. When else are you actually trying to keep the countertops wet?! Anyway, we hope you have a grand old time making these, và when you make ‘em, we want lớn hear all about it! chia sẻ a photo và tag us on Instagram using