How to make rice paper puffs


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Murmura Spicy Puffed Rice (borugulu) is a great mid-morning snack. It has just enough spice to make it interesting, & packed with nuts to lớn give you energy.


Murmura Spicy Puffed Rice (borugulu) never struck me as a breakfast food until I made it và loved starting my day eating it. Once I gave it some thought, I"ve decided that it"s actually just a variation oneating cereal for breakfast.

A simple & delicious puffed rice recipe -- lightly pan fried with a lot of spices & nuts

No milk added, but puffed rice lightly pan fried with a lot of spices and nuts. Và though I vì love a sweet breakfast, here"s a healthy no sugar recipe to start the day(to even out with the pancake ice cream sandwichesposted yesterday).


This recipe for Murmura Spicy Puffed Rice is inspired by Indian street food. Murmura (borugulu) simply means puffed rice, and there are a million ways lớn cook & eat puffed rice.

Inspired by street food, you can enjoy this puffed rice snack any time of the day

You can find similar Indian recipesby searching murmura, masala borugulu, karam borugulu or borugul upma. Sometimes murmura (borugulu) is spicy, and other times murmura (borugulu) is prepared as a sweet snack.


Puffed rice is also common in many other different cuisine & cultures. InTaiwan, there"s a popular street food puffed rice snack called bao mày xiang. You can see it being made in this clip - Making mi Xiang. It"s a 10 minute long clip and the quality is notgreat, but at 2:30, you can watch the "bang" as the pressure that causes the rice lớn "pop" gets released.

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You can find puffed rice in many international grocery stores

I"ve also seen puffed rice snacks in Korean và Japanese grocery stores, và Filipinosalso have something similar called ampao. But the most popular puffed rice might be Kellogg"s Rice Krispies.

The puffed rice you need for this recipe should be easy to lớn get a hold of. Amazon carriesArrowheadand Nature"s Path, though they come in pretty large packets. I always look for the brown whole grain variety, & one that is not sweetened (so that rules out Rice Krispies).


This Murmura Spicy Puffed Rice is made by frying spices, garlic, peanuts, cashews & shredded (desiccated) coconut in a pan with puffed rice cereal.

Because you start with a puffed rice cereal that"s ready to lớn be eaten, you don"t need to lớn "pop" the rice grains (like in the video), or soak it in water, like in some of the other recipes for Indian murmura (borugulu).

As such, this is a very easy & quick recipe. You can be snacking on this in no time.


Puffed rice can be enjoyed as a sweet or savory snack

Because I wanted this for breakfast, I didn"t make this too spicy. It was perfect for my11 AM snack attacks, but I could also sit down & have it as a savory breakfast.

Do you have any puffed rice recipes to lớn share? do you prefer to lớn eat puffed rice as a sweet or savorysnack?


If you find yourself with leftover puffed rice, you can make these healthy puffed cereal bars with it. This recipe is written khổng lồ be made with puffed oats, but you can substitute it for puffed rice.