Mashed potato and green bean fritters recipe

Mung bean cake is a popular Chinese treat made with lightly sweetened mung bean paste. Make this yellow moong dal recipe for a beautiful and refreshing summer dessert!


When you want to lớn make an impressive looking dessert without exerting much effort, these beautiful little cakes are the perfect solution!

There are many different ways khổng lồ make them, và yes, some recipes for moong dal cake are much more difficult and time consuming than others. Fortunately, this particular recipe isn’t difficult khổng lồ make, & it doesn"t take very long, either!

Mung bean cake

The majority of Americans have never heard of this dessert, which is unfortunate because it"s pretty amazing. The green bean cake is made with either whole or split mung beans, two pulses in the legume family that boast some impressive health benefits.

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In fact, both green (whole) and yellow (split) mung beans (also known as moong dal) are rich in antioxidants. Two of them specifically may help protect our bodies from heat stress, heat stroke, and high blood pressure! (source)

So, it may not be a surprise to lớn know that during summer months in China, mung bean soup is a favorite lunch và mung bean cake is one of the most popular Chinese dessert recipes.

When you want a refreshing summer treat, turn away from trendy drinks like bubble tea. Those boba drinks are packed with sugar, so they don’t hydrate your body. A better option is a tall glass of water with one of these adorable little mung bean cakes.


How khổng lồ Cook Split Mung Beans

The first step in making the cakes is to lớn cook the split mung beans. This can be done on a stove đứng top or even a slow cooker if you prefer, but to lớn save time, I make them in an Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker). This helpful post shows four ways to cook split mung beans.

Should you soak mung beans before cooking?Unlike when you cook chickpeas and other large dried legumes, you vì not need to soak mung beans. The moong dal are small enough that soaking isn"t necessary, but if you"d like to soak them, you certainly can.

Soak mung beans (moong dal) (optional)cook on Bean setting in Instant Pot

The next step is lớn create a smooth paste from the cooked moong dal. Mung bean paste can also be used khổng lồ make other desserts. For example, it"s often the filling in Chinese mooncakes.

Making Mung Bean Paste

Incorporate butter, oil, and salt.

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The butter doesn"t need to be room temperature but it does help it to melt faster. If you want lớn make a vegan mung bean cake, feel không lấy phí to substitute with plant-based butter.Incorporate the sugar.The sugar can be substituted as well, especially if you want a low calorie dessert. Monk fruit sugar is a great substitute for refined white sugar because it measures cup-for-cup.Push through a strainer to create mung bean paste.smash to lớn create a smooth pasteMix in butter, oil, saltAdd sugarStrain khổng lồ make smooth

Coloring and Forming Mung Bean Cake

add colors if desired50gm balls lớn press in mold

As for coloring, my experience is that using food coloring drops makes the dough wet và tacky. For the best results, I suggest using an organic food powder. I like this brand: organic powdered food coloringFor the green color, you could use traditional green matcha powder, which adds flavor as well as color.

Molding the Cakes

Check out the equipment section below for information on the cake molds I recommend. They are easy lớn use & I really lượt thích that there are two mold sizes và several designs included in the package.


Temperature of the Dough

Some of the other recipes for mung bean cake on the web suggest working with warm dough. I found that warm dough tends khổng lồ stick to lớn the molds.So instead, I recommend chilling the dough balls in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before pressing the dough into the cake molds. Feel không tính tiền to experiment & use the method that works best for you.