Easy pork spring rolls


Crispy wrapper, savory filling with meat juices oozing out with every bite, a dipping sauce lớn heighten the flavors, fried pork spring rolls are street food, main course, appetizer & snack.

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For the pork và mushroom filling400 grams ground pork with at least 20% fat¼ cup finely chopped wood ears mushrooms rehydrate if using dried¼ cup finely chopped fresh skiitake mushrooms rehydrate if using dried2 tablespoons dried shrimps soaked then finely chopped¼ cup finely chopped carrot1 teaspoon minced garlicsalt1 tablespoon oyster sauce
To make the spring rolls12 khổng lồ 15 large spring roll wrappers1 egg lightly beatencooking oil for frying
To serve1 cup sweet & sour sauce for dipping

Marinate the filling
In a bowl, phối together the ground pork, chopped shallots, wood ears, shiitake, dried shrimps, carrot, garlic, ginger, a teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of pepper, the five-spice powder, oyster sauce & sesame seed oil.
In a small bowl, phối one tablespoon starch with one tablespoon water until smooth. Pour into the ground pork and mix well.
Cover the bowl & let the mixture rest in the fridge overnight.
Make the spring rolls
Separate the spring roll wrappers.
Place one khổng lồ two tablespoons (depending on the form size of your wrappers) of the pork và mushroom mixture on a spring roll wrapper.

Wrap tightly & brush the edges with the beaten egg khổng lồ seal.

Lay the uncooked spring rolls on a tray and sprinkle lightly with corn starch. Turn the spring rolls over & sprinkle with more starch. Shake off the excess.

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Fry the pork spring rolls
In a wok or frying pan, heat enough cooking oil to lớn reach a depth of at least two inches.
Over medium-high heat, fry the spring rolls in batches, rolling them in the hot oil for even browning.
Serve the fried pork spring rolls
Cut each spring roll into two to lớn three portions. This will prevent steam buildup so that the spring rolls will stay crisp longer.
Serve the fried pork spring rolls with sweet & sour sauce for dipping. They’re good as appetizer, snack or serve them as a main course with rice on the side.

Updated from a recipe originally published in April 3, 2017
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