The best vegan pizza dough (homemade & oil


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This Oil-Free Vegan Pizza Dough has a puffy, chewy crust và is absolutely delicious. The trick is in letting the dough rise overnight and stretching it by hand. Top with all your favorites and this Neapolitan pizza cooks up in just 7 minutes. Family Pizza Night just got an upgrade!

Let gravity stretch out this amazing Vegan Pizza Dough!

My husband và I have been making homemade pizza for almost 15 years, and the recipe has gone through many alterations during that time (some better than others!), but we eventually hit on this simple method for making delicious Naples-style pizza dough that"s perfect every time.

This Oil-Free Vegan Pizza Dough recipe contains a lot of tips so that you can avoid some of the mistakes we made, và while it might seem complicated at first glance, it"s actually really straightforward và easy once you get the hang of it. You just need 6 simple ingredients & a little advance prep, và you, too, will be making the vegan pizza crust of your dreams!

Inspiration for this Vegan Pizza Dough Recipe

Confession: In 2011 we spent 6 days in Naples, Italy, (birthplace of pizza as we know it), và I ate the famous Napoli Pizza EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sometimes twice a day. I"m not even sorry. Và that style of pizza -- thin with a pillowy, stretchy crust around the edge -- is exactly what inspired this recipe. (By the way, if you"re ever in Naples, the classic Marinara Pizza is already vegan so no need khổng lồ modify!).

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You"ll love this recipe for Vegan Pizza Crust because it"s:

Simple & StraightforwardStretchy, Chewy, & Pillowy SoftOil-FreeDairy-FreeVersatileEasy to Adapt for Different Types of FlourPerfect for Family Pizza NightAn Approachable Adaptation of Neapolitan Pizza

Vegan Pizza Toppings

You can top your pizza with anything you like, but here are some of my favorite combos!

Just look at the rise on that Vegan Pizza Crust!

Other Ideas for this Vegan Pizza Dough

One of the things I love about this recipe is how versatile it is! We usually make a double batch và have a little leftover dough, so I"ve had plenty of opportunities lớn experiment. Here are just a few ideas for other recipes you can make with this dough:

Vegan CalzonesVegan Pigs in a BlanketMini Pizzas or Pizza RollsVegan Cinnamon BunsFlatbread Garlic knotsBreadsticks

What type of flour makes the best Vegan Pizza Dough?

We have tried several different types of flour with this recipe -- including regular white (unbleached), spelt, and white whole wheat -- but we consistently get the best results with Pizza Flour, also known as Manitoba, Caputa Tipo, or Type 00.

If you can"t find pizza flour, your next best option is bread flour. White, unbleached flour will also work. If you want a healthier dough, you can use half pizza flour & half trắng whole wheat. You can also use 100% trắng whole wheat flour, but you will need khổng lồ make a few adjustments lớn how you prepare the dough (see below).

Can this Vegan Pizza Dough be 100% Whole Wheat?

I have tried this recipe with 100% trắng whole wheat flour, as well as half wheat & half pizza flour, và it always tastes great! However, the more whole wheat flour you use, the less gluten will be released, & the more the texture will change (it won"t be quite as pillowy and stretchy).

While I don"t recommend using regular whole wheat flour for this type of pizza dough (it can work with other styles), you can make this recipe with white whole-wheat flour. Here are some tips for making this Whole Wheat Vegan Pizza Dough.

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If you decide to lớn make this half-and-half or 100% white whole wheat flour, the only difference in ingredients is that you might need a teeny, tiny bit more water. Be cautious when adding more water because too much will make the dough sticky. Instead of pouring water into the dough, wet your hands while kneading the dough. Repeat if necessary. This will showroom a trivial amount of water without going overboard.You might need lớn knead the dough for an extra 5 minutes (there is less gluten in whole wheat flour, and kneading it longer will help make the dough more elastic).The more whole wheat flour in the dough, the more likely it is to lớn tear when transferring it lớn the pizza stone. I recommend using a square of baking paper between the pizza paddle & dough to help make the transfer lớn the pizza stone easier.The more whole wheat flour in the dough, the less easily you can stretch it with your hands using the steering wheel method I describe below. If you are using 100% whole wheat you might need lớn roll the dough flat with a rolling pin. On the day you plan khổng lồ bake the pizza, it can also help lớn let the dough rise out of the refrigerator for 1.5 hours (instead of just 1 hour).

Ingredients you"ll need khổng lồ make

sugar -- Just a little sugar lớn feed the yeast and help it activate. Be sure to use raw and/or organic sugar lớn keep this recipe vegan (regular trắng sugar is not always vegan).sea salt

How khổng lồ Make the Best Restaurant-Style Vegan Pizza

This dough needs at least 1 hour lớn rise, but ideally, you will make the dough & let it rise overnight in the refrigerator (24 to lớn 48 hours in advance). Lớn begin, địa chỉ warmish water (not hot, about 100F or 38C) and sugar khổng lồ a bowl. Stir lớn dissolve the sugar, showroom the yeast, và then let proof for 5 minutes. The yeast should bubble and foam a little.In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour and salt. When the yeast is activated, địa chỉ it to lớn the flour mixture.