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Is it even a pizza if it doesn’t have cheese? Blasphemy! But … unfortunately … there are lots of scenarios that may need you to skim off the cheese, pun intended. Maybe you have lactose issues and dairy allergies. Or a low-fat diet. Or recent veganism. You could try a cheeseless pizza recipe to lớn satisfy your cravings without getting khổng lồ the ER. So let’s find some good ones!

1. Cookstr’s Cheeseless Pizza


Vegans have a broad, encompassing value system. So while their dishes are designed to prevent any kind of cruelty to lớn animals, they kết thúc up meeting other dietary, religious, and lifestyle needs too. So this cheeseless pizza recipe is not only vegan and lactose-free, it’s also kosher, halal, egg-free, nut-free, và soy-free. But it’s flavor-full & color-full, pun intended.

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2. Toasted Cheeseless Pizza

Here’s another versatile option for finicky eaters. No cheese, no yeast, this pizza doesn’t even need an oven! It does have lactose. & the dough is made with curd (raw baby cheddar). But if you thought you couldn’t have white sauce without cheese, try this creamy milk-and-flour variant. The recipe uses pizza sauce too so if anything it’s a… ‘pink pizza’? (red + white sauce)

3. Key khổng lồ My Lime Cheeseless Pizza


Cheeseless pizzas are often colorful. It’s not just about visually tricking your palate – it’s also about filling the ‘flavor gaps’ left by the cheese. This vegan cheeseless pizza recipe uses a gluten-free pizza dough topped with halved cherry tomatoes. If you’re not big on gluten-free, you can use any thin-crust Italian dough recipe. The pizza sauce has chili flakes.

4. Cheese-Free Homemade Pizza

Cheeseless pizzas aren’t always vegetarian. But in the absence of cheese, you vày need to get creative with your toppings. This recipe uses broccoli and potatoes … which aren’t things you’d expect on pizza. Caramelized onions help bring out the sweet spot, while the starchy Yukon potatoes will help simulate that cheesy màu sắc and texture without triggering allergies.

5. Minimalist Bakers Vegan Pizza


Vegetarians have a no-kill approach to lớn life, so they stick with plant-based food. But vegans stretch that to ‘no creature cruelty) so they’ll swear off leather, dairy, honey, & even silk.his recipe uses vegan parmesan – a pulsed blend of cashews, yeast, garlic powder, & sea salt. For toppings, use multi-colored capsicum and mushrooms. Sauté them first before layering.

6. Terrace Kitchen Cheeseless Pizza

If you don’t have an oven, you can use the metal rack in your microwave. Place it in a saucepan, put the pizza baking tray on the rack, cover the saucepan with a lid, & cook your pizza that way. This recipe has no oven, no mayo, no cheese, no yeast, & no meat. Toppings include colored capsicum (red + green), onions, & sweetcorn laid on a sweet red sauce.

7. Vegan Lovlie Cheeseless Pizza


Some cheeseless pizza recipes still have lactose because they bake curd or yogurt into the dough. Others may use milk-based white sauces. So if you’re dodging dairy for ethical reasons (or dietary ones), be sure your recipe has zero mammal products. This recipe here uses pineapple, mushroom, aubergine, đen bean sauce, & olives on a bed of marinara.

8. Vegan Michelle’s Cheeseless Pizza

When your recipe was written by a trained nutritionist, you know it will be both healthy and flavourful. Và while Michelle is holistic in her brand, she’s not above irreverence, so she’s fun lớn cook with. She uses a buttery oil-based spread (as opposed to lớn butter, which is dairy & therefore not vegan). The pizza sauce is mainly tomato paste, garlic, và red pepper.

9. Roasted Veggie Cheeseless Pizza


If you’re into artisanal pizza toppings, you will love this roasted veggie pizza. The veggies are pre-roasted to give them that smoky flavor before laying them out on oblong pizza dough. They include kale, mushrooms, bell peppers, artichokes, và sweet onions. For the quickest cook time, use canned veggies, canned pizza sauce, and store-bought pizza dough.

10. Cheeseless Chicken Pizza

Be careful with this pizza – the toppings are cheeseless but the sauce is super cheesy so if you’re vetoing the dairy, don’t use the eggy sauce in the recipe. Use a makeshift white sauce instead, especially if you can stand milk, butter, or yogurt since these are still dairy but they’re not quite cheese. Pre-cook the chicken & veggies before topping & baking.

11. Oil-Free Sweet Potato Pizza


Some cheeseless pizza recipes use trắng sauce to lớn replace cheese. Others leave out the sauce altogether, placing their toppings on naked dough sprinkled with oil. This vegan version has a sweet potato crust topped with sundried tomatoes và broccoli. It also uses hemp hearts, which are hemp seeds that have a distinctly nutty flavor. Don’t worry, they won’t you high.

12. Happy Pear Vegan Pizza

If a recipe is marked vegan, it’s probably cheeseless. If your diet is protein-leaning, use ‘strong flour’ or bread flour because they have higher protein (and gluten) content. Fortify the dough with herbs e.g. Wild garlic, fresh oregano, rosemary, or thyme. Bloom the yeast with a liquid sweetener. đứng đầu with bell peppers, sweet potato, pine nuts, and two pestos.

13. Cheeseless Pizza with Caramelized Fennel


We’ve all heard about caramelized onion … but caramelized fennel? On cheeseless pizza? Let’s take a look. The fennel is cooked in olive oil with the onion until they’re sweet and syrupy. đứng top the pizza with tomato sauce & fresh spring vegetables (arugula works). Drizzle with balsamic sauce or vinegar và garnish with green sprigs of parsley or cilantro.

14. Fluffy No-Cheese Pizza

No cheese, no cream, no mayo, no yeast, no oven … what exactly does this pizza have? A pretty face và lots of flavor, that’s what! The thick white sauce và colorful toppings make it a treat for your plate & your palate. But lượt thích many South Asian pizza recipes, the dough has curd in it, so heads up! and the trắng sauce has milk so expect dairy triggers.

15. Vegan trắng Pizza with Artichoke


Cheeseless pizza recipes are often ‘pink pizzas’. They use both red and white sauces. The red sauce is your typical pizza marinara while the white sauce replaces cheese at the vị trí cao nhất of the pizza. But this trắng pizza uses tofu ricotta with parsley, artichoke hearts, and roasted garlic. Combine them in a blender and spread over herbed dough. Bake, garnish, cool, và serve.

16. Hafsa’s Cheeseless Pizza

Many indigenous communities bake in a cooking pot (low heat) half-filled with sand. The modern version uses a pan half-full of salt or sand for even heat distribution. The audio here isn’t English, but the ingredients and directions are, so you can mute it and still follow along. The trắng sauce has milk & butter. đứng đầu with olives, mushrooms, capsicum, và tomatoes.

17. Couple Cooks Vegan Homemade Pizza


According khổng lồ this cooking couple, the secret to lớn cheeseless pizza recipes is khổng lồ use ‘meaty vegan’ toppings with that distinct umami flavor. These ‘meaty veggies’ include artichokes and mushrooms, và this recipe has both. It also has spinach, chickpeas, sweet potatoes (or squash), olives, brussels sprouts, and chili. Use fire-roasted tomatoes for enriched marinara.

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18. Plantifully Vegan Mozzarella Pizza

We’ve met vegan parmesan (cashews và yeast with garlic powder). Now meet nut-free vegan mozzarella (cauliflower, tapioca flour, yeast, non-dairy milk). Put boiled cauliflower in a blender with tapioca flour, yeast, và milk – can be almond, rice, or soy milk, depending on your preference. Simmer and stir on medium heat, slather it on the dough, and showroom toppings.

19. Vegan Cheese Pizza


If you’re not putting cheese on your pizza, you need some kind of white sauce or cheese substitute. This recipe uses vegan cheese và vegan yogurt so you can enjoy that ooey-gooey goodness without compromising your principles or triggering your allergies. This version works with a smoky chipotle tomato sauce. The ‘cheese’ has cashewgurt, miso, & tapioca.

20. Avant Garden Vegan Pizza

Here’s another take on vegan mozzarella. The dough uses strong bread flour for extra protein – but this also means extra gluten so watch out for allergies. The red sauce is spiced up – pun intended – with sugar, thyme, and white wine vinegar. For the ‘cheese’, blend soy milk, miso, soaked cashews, yeast, lemon juice, và tapioca starch. Simmer, spread, and add toppings.

21. Mini Cheeseless Pizza


Sometimes the pizza is so good you want to lớn eat the whole thing! So try baking mini pizzas so you can scarf them down guilt-free. This recipe makes a red pizza sauce & a ground beef stew. The dough is topped with pizza sauce (with scotch bonnet chili) & meaty stew before baking. Be sure your sauce & stew aren’t too liquid. Otherwise, your pizza will get soggy.

22. Hebbar’s No-cheese Pizza

Indian pizzas are sometimes cooked in a kadai (wok) or tawa (saucepan). They also use lots of garlic – sometimes up to trăng tròn cloves. Here, Hebbar’s dough has sugar, buttermilk, butter, baking soda, & baking powder, but no yeast. The white sauce cheese substitute uses butter, milk, eggless mayonnaise, và flour. And the marinara has lots of chili sauce mixed in.

23. Love and Lemons Vegan Pizza


Cashews are a common substitute for cheese. But only if you’re safe from nut allergies. This cheeseless pizza uses a white cashew sauce & rich veggie toppings that include broccoli, basil, sweetcorn, và jalapenos. You could also toss in a set of tomatoes (cherries and sun-dried). To lớn make cashew cream, blend raw cashews with water, oil, garlic, and lemon juice.

24. Gluten-Free Cheeseless Pizza

We’ve seen several cheeseless pizza recipes with chicken toppings. But this gluten-free version has a masa and chickpea base (made of chickpea flour). The toppings are shredded zucchini, mushrooms, olives, và onions. Cook the mushrooms và fennel seeds for about 5 minutes before topping. Shredded yellow squash is also a handy substitute for cheese.

25. Crispy Kale Pesto Pizza


When you go off cheese – pun intended – you have two options. You can cook with a cheeseless white sauce (which may still contain dairy). Or you can make vegan cheese. This cheeseless pizza recipe blends pecans và kale into pesto, then adds vegan mozzarella on a thin, crunchy crust. If you don’t lượt thích pecans, swap with pine nuts, walnuts, or pistachios.

26. Three-way Almond-Quinoa Crust Pizza (Cream Cheese Optional)

Family pizza can be tricky if everyone has different tastes. So try this video with its three versions. All three are gluten-free because the dough uses almond and quinoa flour as a base. The vegan toppings include mushroom and colored capsicum for Pizza #1; asparagus, arugula, peas, & pesto for Pizza #2; or spinach & squash/pumpkin puree for Pizza #3.

27. Dairy-free Cheeseless Pizza


So far, almost every cheeseless pizza recipe we’ve looked at had some dairy. This one doesn’t. Instead of milky (or buttery) trắng sauce, this killer pizza is built off arugula pesto. You can also địa chỉ sunflower seeds, spinach, yeast, và garlic to your blended pesto. Sprinkle chopped walnuts over the pesto then follow with red onion, multi-colored bell peppers, & greens.

28. Buddhist Chef’s Vegan Pizza

Yes, there’s cheese in this one. But it’s vegan mozzarella made with cashews, so you’re safe. This vegan cheese also incorporates maple syrup, coconut oil, yeast, lemon juice, agar, and tapioca. It’s a complex white sauce so the pizza uses simple toppings lớn avoid drowning out this makeshift mozzarella. Make the dough, spread the cheese, bake, & garnish with basil.

29. BBC’s Vegan Margherita


We’ve seen lots of recipes for vegan cheese, but it was mostly oozy trắng sauce. This cheeseless pizza recipe gives us shredded vegan mozzarella so let’s give that a try. You’ll have khổng lồ use the store-bought type, but check the ingredients lớn be sure it has no dairy or other animal products. Use passata, fresh basil, và crushed garlic for the red pizza sauce.

30. Vegan Deep Dish Pizza

Let’s try a vegan pizza with some twin melanin. It uses store-bought vegan pizza – preferable provolone or mozzarella. & the dough has agave & pink salt, plus non-dairy milk and non-dairy butter. For toppings, it’s shredded vegan mozzarella directly on the naked crust, various veggies (capsicum & onion), và red pizza sauce with vegan parmesan on top.

31. Cheeseless Artichoke Pizza


We’ll finish with another bbc recipe from across the pond. There’s not an ounce of cheese on this one. The toppings include artichoke hearts, seedless colored peppers, ground almonds, chestnut mushrooms, đen olives, courgettes, & fresh basil. And the red sauce is super simple – chopped tomatoes cooked on high with onions, garlic, salt, pepper, và oregano.

What’s your favorite cheeseless pizza recipe? Tell us how lớn make it in the comments!


31 Best Cheeseless Pizza Recipes


Toasted Cheeseless Pizza

Cheese-Free Homemade Pizza

Terrace Kitchen Cheeseless Pizza

Vegan Michelle’s Cheeseless Pizza

Cheeseless Chicken Pizza

Happy Pear Vegan Pizza

Fluffy No-Cheese Pizza

Hafsa’s Cheeseless Pizza

Plantifully Vegan Mozzarella Pizza

Avant Garden Vegan Pizza

Hebbar’s No-Cheese Pizza

Gluten-Free Cheeseless Pizza

Three-Way Almond-Quinoa Crust Pizza (Cream Cheese Optional)

Buddhist Chef’s Vegan Pizza

Vegan Deep Dish Pizza


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