Diy felt pizza pattern & felt activities for kids


There are so many fun felt activities for kids you can vì chưng with this DIY felt pizza. Make your own felt pizza in just a few minutes và watch as kids spend hours playing, learning, & making their own pizzas together!


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Last year when everything shut down, I had khổng lồ become my son’s teacher for a few months. Okay teacher is a stretch, but I did buy a number of workbooks, games, and activities that were educational.

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And I even came up with a bunch of learning games for 1st graders PLUS made my own rolling dice math trò chơi that we still play now!

One of the best purchases I made during that time was a digital math game (still one of the most fun math games for kids) that basically had my son run his own pizza parlor. The program would give him orders, và he would have khổng lồ take the pizza pieces that came with the game và fulfill the order.

He loved the game and never really even recognized that it was teaching him a variety of educational skills because he was having so much fun.

Since he loved that game so much, I thought it would be fun lớn recreate it with a more tactile, offline experience using with a DIY felt pizza.

They’re super simple to lớn make & can be used in so many different ways, plus no screens!

Felt Pizza Supplies


Supply Notes

Pizza Menu & Pizza Cards – this is a printable tệp tin that you can tải về here or at the bottom of this post. It’s totally optional, but it can make using this set for fun felt activities way easier. Plus the thực đơn is pretty cute! Laminator – if you’re using the pizza menu & cards, I recommend laminating them both lớn make them more sturdy. Plus, if you use a dry erase pen on the menu cards, you can use them over and over again.Laminating sheets – same as above, if you’re going to laminate them, you’ll need laminating sheets! Dry erase marker – the easiest way to write down your order on laminated menu cards; if you’re not laminating, you’ll want a pen or pencil khổng lồ write down orders instead.

How lớn Make a felt pizza

First I’m going lớn show you how simple it is lớn make these felt pizzas at home, whether you want lớn make one, or an entire pizza parlor full!

Then keep reading because I’m also going to giới thiệu tons of felt activities you can bởi with your kids with the pizzas. They make great boredom busters, indoor activities for rainy, super hot, or just bored of being outside days!

1 – open the Cricut kiến thiết Space File

The first thing you need to vì after your get all your supplies is mở cửa the felt pizza pattern here. You can either just hit make it right away or click customize to open and customize the file.

The file comes all ready with:

One eight inch full pizza, sauce, & cheeseOne eight inch cut into four pieces pizza, sauce, & cheese10 each of pepperoni, pineapple, green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms, đen olives, anchovies, tomatoes, và spinach/basil leaves.

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If you want more or less toppings, you can easily just copy/paste new ones. Or if you want a larger pizza, you can customize the file however you want.

2 – Cut the Felt

Once you have it how you want it, click the “Make It” button và it’ll take you khổng lồ a screen with a bunch of different colored screens on the left side.

Choose your machine và then you’ll need to lớn choose your material. I typically just choose the felt option for any Cricut Felt.

Once you’ve chosen your material, it will automatically recommend a tool to you. In the case of felt, it recommends the fine point blade. I recommend using the Rotary Blade instead so you’ll need khổng lồ click on the little Edit Tools links (next lớn Tools + Material Loaded) và choose the rotary blade option.

If you want lớn use a different tool than recommended, click the Edit Tools link.

Load the felt onto your Cricut Mat and load it into your machine. Once it’s loaded, press the flashing cricket icon & let it cut.

Cutting felt takes longer than paper so it may take a bit of time depending on which of the toppings you’re cutting but not more than a few minutes.

Once the felt is cut, remove it from the mat and remove your pieces.

3 – Continue Cutting Felt Pizza Pieces

Load on your next piece of felt & do the same thing for all of the different pieces until you have all of your pizzas cut out.

And you’re done và ready to bởi some of the felt activities for kids I’ve outlined below!

Ways to lớn Use the Felt Pizza

Okay so there are a handful of different ways you can use a felt pizza along with the other printables I’ve made lớn go with it! I’ve outlined different variations of activities below but feel free to get creative as well if you want to use them for something like a big group, classroom, or at home preschool!

Free Play

The first is the most obvious and probably the best option for younger kids – không tính phí play. Just put all of the pieces out and let kids make their own pizzas.

I did this with my two year old và he had a great time making pizzas with my husband. I was actually surprised how long they played; he got mad when I had to lớn take it away!

Multi Person menu Ordering

The second way to play is with actual thực đơn ordering & works best if you have a little older kids (preschool và up) and have multiple people playing together.

Kids can take turns – one person orders with the printable thực đơn cards I made (that match the Cricut kiến thiết Space file) & the other person makes the pizza, then switch.

I know I mentioned it before but I highly recommend laminating the menu and order cards so that you can order over and over again with a dry erase marker without having to lớn print out more cards!

Card Play

The third option works well whether you have one person who wants to bởi felt activities on their own, a group who wants lớn work together khổng lồ make pizzas, a group where everyone has their own pizzas lớn make, or really anyone.

You could even use this one with the menu above!

For this one, I’ve made a deck of “order cards” that have different pizza orders on them. Place a pile of the cards near the pizza và let the pizza maker pick a card. They have to lớn then make whatever pizza is on the order card.

It’s simple & a great way khổng lồ keep kids entertained on their own, challenge them with more chất lượng orders (like all yellow ingredients), and good for learning how to lớn pay attention to lớn details.

The cards are probably best used by kids who can read basic words (like colors) or in a group where at least one person can read.

If enough people are interested, I could also make order cards that are just pictures instead of words – leave me a phản hồi in this post if you are!

Felt Pizza Felt Activities

Okay now that I’ve given you ideas on how to use the felt pizzas, here are some of the things you can teach & felt activities you can vì chưng with them. I’ve incorporated all of these things into the printable order cards included in this post!

Counting – order any number of toppings & kids have lớn count the toppings. Colors – order just toppings of a particular color to work on colors! Shapes – order just toppings that are circles, just toppings that are round, & other things lớn help with shapes. Memory – verbally order toppings for your pizza & have kids make pizzas from memory instead of looking at an order. Size – order pizzas with only the smallest toppings lớn have kids figure out size associations among the toppings. Right/Left Recognition – order a pizza with just olives on the right half or maybe just pepperoni on the left half! Fractions – order just 1/4 of the pizza with green peppers or how about a 50% cheese only 1/2 pepperoni and black olives pizza (that’s my family’s favorite). Letter & word recognition – order only toppings that start with a particular letter! You can also use this as a great way to work on learning universal words like colors, shapes, & sizes. Food pyramid & categories – order a pizza with just fruit, a pizza with just meat, or how about a pizza that needs to lớn include all parts of the food pyramid!

Tips for Storing the Felt Pizza

Store all of the felt pizza activity pieces together with a dry erase marker (assuming you laminated the thực đơn cards) in a ziploc bag. Put it in an indoor activities box along with other activities lượt thích these DIY dice (and games) for a day when they need something lớn do.

Separate the toppings from the larger parts of the pizza so it’s easy to dump out the toppings onto an empty surface without having to lớn pull them all off of the larger felt pieces.

More Kids Activities

If you lượt thích these felt activities, you’ll love these other activities for kids!

download the Menu & Pizza Cards

Click on the button below to tải về the không tính phí pizza menu và order cards. The tệp tin will include:

One page PDF with four menu cards – I recommend laminating và reusing the cards over and over againOne page PDF with 30 order cards – I recommend laminating to use over and over again.

If you vày not see the button below, click here lớn get to the file.