Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich Recipe


Loaded Pizza Sandwich with all the toppings! Load it up, toast it, và slice it for an easy dinner or buổi tiệc ngọt snack. All it takes is some bread, some classic pizza toppings, sauce, and plenty of cheese to serve up your favorite pizza in sandwich form.

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Pizza Sandwich

Since the Earl of Sandwich first asked for some meat nestled in between two slices of bread (although there is evidence that his idea was not completely original) it’s safe to say that sandwiches have won the hearts of many.

I mean, bởi vì you know anyone who hates sandwiches? If you do, I don’t think they’re worthy of your trust.

And while my choice of sandwich mostly runs the simple roast-beef-on-wheat-with-mayo-and-mustard variety with some crisp lettuce và a juicy tomato slice, sometimes I crave something a little more fun lượt thích a big o’ pizza sandwich.

This pizza sandwich is meant for sharing – think of it as a mini tiệc nhỏ sub for four. It’s toasty hot with lots of toppings and, of course, plenty of melted cheese.


12-inch loaf of soft bread, sliced horizontally in halfOlive oilProvolone cheeseGenoa salami slicesPepperoni slicesFresh herbs (thyme, parsley, basil, or combination)Sliced kalamata olivesSliced green pepperMarinara sauceorpizza sauceSliced fresh mozzarella or low-moisture shreddedmozzarella cheese

Using plain old sandwich bread is fine, but I prefer a big loaf of soft trắng bread when sandwich special-ness is in order. You know the totally generic kind found in the specialty bread section at the store? I prefer it lớn the crustier artisan-style bread which can be a little difficult to lớn eat as a sandwich.


How lớn Make It

Anyway, using a large loaf of bread means building pizza sandwiches for four takes no time at all. I lượt thích to start with a generous drizzle of olive oil followed by slices of provolone cheese. Next, layer on Genoa salami followed by plenty of pepperonis.

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And there’s more! Briny Kalamata olives, fresh parsley, thyme và green peppers are favorite toppings, but think about what you love on a pizza and địa chỉ whatever makes your heart sing – maybe some banana peppers, artichoke hearts, or diced tomatoes?Your sandwich is your canvas. Don’t hold back.

What makes this a true pizza sandwich is the sauce. I like to spoon just enough sauce over the toppings so that it barely oozes out over the sides when it’s sliced. Any more và it turns into a mess, so about 1/3 cup of your favorite marinara sauce will do.


Lastly, some cheese. Sliced fresh mozzarella tops it all off.

Pop it under the broiler khổng lồ melt the cheese and toast the bread. You may need khổng lồ rotate the baking sheet lớn ensure that everything toasts evenly và keep an eye on it! The sandwich can go from perfectly toasted khổng lồ burned in a heartbeat.

Slice the pizza sandwich into four pieces and, if you want a little easier eating situation, slice each again in half. It really is lượt thích your favorite pizza pie in sandwich form. 


Love pepperoni pizza? Skip all the other stuff and load it up with pepperoni, cheese, and sauce.Meat lover? địa chỉ cửa hàng some cooked Italian sausage crumbles, crumbled cooked bacon, sliced Canadian ham. Just don’t load it up too much unless you want khổng lồ wear your pizza sandwich.Want some heat? Sprinkle some red pepper flakes over the sauce before you showroom the cheese on top.Friend of the veggies? Skip the meat and showroom more favorite vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, onions, và olives.

I hope you give this easy sandwich a try!

Happy sandwiching,