Pesto pizza with fresh tomatoes & mozzarella


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This pesto pizza recipe is better than take-out and comes together in less than trăng tròn minutes! Use refrigerated pizza dough from the store or my quick và easy pizza dough recipe along with all those ripe tomatoes and overgrown basil from the garden!

You Will Love This

It"s the perfect way lớn showcase all those fresh veggies & herbs from the garden or farmer"s market! If you"ve got an abundance of ripe tomatoes và bushes of basil in the garden, this pizza is a MUST. It"s the perfect way to lớn use up the last of the late summer harvest (or welcome a new season of warmth)!It"s a hearty vegetarian dinner that will even please the meat-eaters in your life! My carnivorous, meat-loving partner gave this pizza his stamp of approval, saying it was "the best pizza you"ve ever made". So, I"m pretty confident that you can serve this at your next pizza night or backyard movie night and everyone is going lớn LOVE it.

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Ingredients và Substitutions

The best part about this pesto pizza recipe — other than how simple it is khổng lồ make — is that it only requires a handful of ingredients.

For this homemade Pesto Pizza, you’ll need:

Mozzarella Cheese - I lượt thích to use whole milk shredded mozzarella for this pizza because that extra bit of fat gives the pizza more flavor. Remember, fat equals flavor!Fresh Basil - I highly recommend picking up some fresh basil (from your backyard of the farmer"s market) because it really takes this pizza khổng lồ the next level!


Roll dough out into a 12-14 inch crust. Transfer lớn a pizza pan (I HIGHLY recommend this one). Poke the crust all over with a fork and brush with olive oil.

Par-bake crust for 3-5 minutes.See how nice & golden brown this pan helps the crust get?! If there is one pan you invest in - let it be this one! Also - it"s actually super inexpensive so it"s worth every penny!!


While the crust is par-baking, throw together my super easy basil pesto (which can be made with pine nuts or walnuts)!


Remove from the oven and spread pesto across the crust, leaving about an inch around the perimeter.


Sprinkle mozzarella cheese evenly across the pizza.


Place tomatoes on đứng đầu of the cheese. Sprinkle oregano across the pizza as well as a large pinch of Kosher salt. Brush crust with more olive oil.

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Bake for 8-10 minutes or until the cheese is melted & the crust is dark golden brown.



Don"t skip the par-baking! It may seem lượt thích an unnecessary extra step, but you have to partially bake the crust in order to get that perfectly crisp, golden-brown crust. Trust me, it"s worth the extra 3 minutes!For a really extra crispy crust make sure you brush it with oil before par-baking và then also brush the edges before the final bake. This will give the crust the most buttery, rich flavor, & just the right amount of crunch!Less is more when it comes khổng lồ toppings. When making a 12-inch pie, make sure you stick lớn about a ½ cup of sauce và 1 cup of cheese plus a handful of veggies or meats. This will ensure that the crust cooks evenly and thoroughly & you"re not left with a soggy mess!

Topping Variations

Storage, Reheating, và Freezing Instructions

Freeze cooked and cooled pizza in a freezer-safe bag for up khổng lồ 1 month.Reheat thawed pizza in your oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or so, until warmed through và bubbling. You want lớn crust to get crispy again, so allow it khổng lồ cook long enough in the oven for this to lớn happen. Best to warm directly on the racks in the oven.


Is pesto good with cheese?

Yes! There"s Parmesan cheese in pesto, so pesto definitely pairs well with cheese. I prefer it with lighter white cheeses lượt thích mozzarella, making it the perfect addition lớn pizza!

Is pesto bad for you?

Absolutely not! lượt thích anything, it"s best enjoyed in moderation, but this is a wonderful veggie-filled, protein-packed sauce alternative khổng lồ traditional tomato-based pizza sauce & can even be used as a marinade for chicken or shrimp!

Can I use mozzarella instead of Parmesan in pesto?

Unfortunately not. An aged cheddar that is very dry could work, but even then the flavor just isn"t quite right for pesto. A regular block of mozzarella or shredded mozzarella will not work for pesto either. The Parmesan cheese works well in pesto because it is dry & when processed it crumbles into a fine, sand-like texture. Save mozzarella for topping your pizza, not for making pesto!

What can you use in place of Parmesan in pesto?

If you want khổng lồ make a dairy-free pesto, you could use more nuts in place of the Parmesan or substitute nutritional yeast. The latter would give you a cheesy, nutty taste similar to lớn that of Parmesan. You could also substitute a vegan Parmesan cheese in place of regular in the pesto!

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