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From Sweden and South Korea khổng lồ Naples – the birthplace of pizza itself – we’ve sought out some of the world’s best interpretations of this beloved dish.

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Here are the world"s best destinations for the ultimate pizza pilgrimage.

The original pizza in Naples, Italy


Traditional wood-burning ovens give Napoli pizza a crunchy bite

Naples is the birthplace of the pizza as we know it. According to lớn the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, a true Neapolitan pizza must only be made in a wood-burning oven by a qualified ‘pizzaiolo’, using San Marzano tomatoes và extra virgin olive oil. The ‘margherita’ was also invented here, with green basil, trắng mozzarella and red sauce lớn represent the Italian flag.

Stay at the B&B khách sạn Napoli for unbelievable views of Naples from its roof terrace. Or base yourself in the city"s fashionable Chiaia quarter at Exe Majestic.

Sfincione (Sicilian pizza) in Palermo, Italy


Sicilian pizza makes for a hearty, mouthwatering meal

Sicily"s Sfincione (meaning ‘sponge’) is a thick, focaccia-style pizza baked in a deep, rectangular pan. Typical toppings include earthy caciocavallo cheese, caramelised onions, salty anchovies and crunchy breadcrumbs. Purists may question whether it really counts as pizza but after your first delicious bite, you likely won"t care.

For a place lớn stay, B&B Khalisah is right in the historic centre of Palermo. Also in the same neighbourhood is the Quintocanto hotel & Spa, within a beautifully restored building dating back lớn the 16th century.

Chicago-style pizza in Chicago, USA


Deep dish is all about textures – crispy crust, juicy tomatoes và gooey cheese

Chicago"s famously cavernous deep dish features inches of gooey cheese and tasty toppings layered over tangy sauce. There"s also "stuffed pizza"; double the size and with added cheese và toppings. While locals love the extra-thin & cracker-crisp, ‘tavern-style’, and the slightly charred ‘pan’ pizzas.

If you"re in need of a lie down post pizza, the industrial-style hostel Urban Holiday Lofts is a popular choice, as is the effortlessly cool Freehand Chicago.

Brazilian pizza in São Paulo, Brazil


In Brazil you can tuck into a fruity dessert pizza drizzled in chocolate

In Brazil, the local pizzerias go easy on the tomato sauce, sweeping on only the most delicate layer. In contrast, crusts are puffed up & stuffed with a variety of ingredients – creamy requeijão cheese is a particular favourite. Sweet-toothed travellers can also grab a ‘dessert pizza’, covered in toppings lượt thích condensed milk, guava marmalade, chocolate và banana.

Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza is a hit with travellers who endorse São Paulo for its pizza. The Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera near Ibirapuera Shopping Centre is a favourite too.

Argentinian pizza in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Argentinian pizza makes for a gourmet dining experience

Pizzas in Buenos Aires range from the thin và crispy ‘de molde’, or spongy ‘masa alta’, to the cheese-stuffed, onion-topped ‘fugazetta’. Argentinians are huge pizza fans & you should expect an extra-thick layer of cheese (and probably some olives as well), whichever type you pick. Locals always eat with a knife và fork & usually wash bites down with a glass of sweet moscato wine.

Any good meal should be followed an equally good night"s sleep; Broadway khách sạn & Suites has a panoramic rooftop pool for late night or early morning swims, while khách sạn Reconquista Garden is another option, located just six minutes from Buenos Aires’ Obelisk.

New York pizza in thủ đô new york City, USA

In the Big Apple, vast, thin-crust pizzas are carved up & served in giant slices. Floppy và covered in toppings and stringy cheese, these slices are often more manageable to lớn eat when folded in half. Some say that NYC’s water composition is what gives the dough its uniquely moreish taste – meaning you really can’t get true new york pizza anywhere else in the world.

After a few slices, head khổng lồ Radio đô thị Apartments, located right in the heart of Manhattan, or HI NYC Hostel is just 10 minutes from Central Park – both ideal bases for hunting down the city’s best pizza.

Korean pizza in Seoul, South Korea

It’s usually a bad sign when your pizza arrives in a ball of flames but not in Seoul, the home of the flambéed ‘Bomb’. You can also dig into a ‘spooning pizza’ – a big doughless dishful of toppings và gooey cheese – or a pizza made with egg custard, sweet potato or cranberry cream cheese stuffed into the crust. Locals lượt thích theirs with pickles & lots of corn.

Sleep off the sweetness at the modern Sieoso Hotel, a property that"s renowned for its tasty breakfast and can be found near the lively Insadong neighourhood. Pastel-painted Twin Rabbit Guesthouse is highly rated, too.

Swedish pizza in Stockholm, Sweden

Surveys recently put ‘kebab’ in first place for Sweden’s favourite pizza topping. Kebab pizza also comes in ‘Viking’ form, with the dough folded up into a boat shape và cheesy toppings stuffed into the hull. For daring pizza pilgrims, Sweden’s more unusual concoctions include meat, banana và curry powder.

Stay at the family-run, conveniently located khách sạn Hornsgatan. While the quirky Hostel Generatoroffers affordable dorms & private rooms right in the heart of the city.

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**These holiday recommendations come from the travel scientists at They’ve analyzed destinations endorsed for pizza, & available accommodations.

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