20 different ways to make pizza for kids


Almost everyone loves pizza, especially kids, và it’s also a convenient solution for a quick & easy meal, so it’s no wonder pizza is such an enduringly popular family lunch or dinner.

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For anyone who needs a kid-friendly pizza recipe – or even one you can get your kids khổng lồ help with – we’ve had a look online to lớn see what other people have been trying. & as a result, here are our favorite 27 kid’s pizza recipes you might like to try at home.

1. Kids’ pizza recipes


To kick things off, here’s a site that offers not just one but 13 different kid-friendly pizza recipes. Ideas include holiday pizzas, quick pitta pizzas, rainbow pizzas, pizza rolls, Halloween pizzas and more – so if you’re looking for pizza recipes that your kids will love, this is a great place to lớn start.

2. Quick Family Pizza

In this đoạn clip tutorial, you’ll learn how lớn make quick “cheat” pizzas that your kids can help you make. It only takes around ten minutes to prepare, and children are sure khổng lồ love being involved in making their own food, so it’s a great way khổng lồ get them into cooking as well as being a fun activity you can vì chưng together.

3. How to lớn Make Pizza with Kids


If you’re interested in teaching your kids some of the basics of cooking, this recipe for pizza should be of interest. It teaches you how lớn make a pizza, và with a little supervision, they can bởi almost all of it themselves. It might take slightly longer than just cooking pizza for them, but involving the kids will be much more enjoyable, so doing it together will definitely be worth the extra effort.

4. Mini Pizza on Tawa

Here’s a slightly more original idea for making pizzas for kids – và the mini pizzas on tawa this đoạn phim teaches you how khổng lồ make look irresistible. It’s a quick and easy recipe, & once you’ve made the bases, you can vary the toppings according lớn your – or your family’s – preferences. Và once they’re ready, they’re guaranteed to lớn be a big hit.

5. Children’s Homemade Pizza


As this blogger writes, this recipe for homemade pizza is so easy that even very young children will be able to help out. They’ll be able to lớn participate in making the dough và they’ll also be able lớn choose their own favorite ingredients – & getting them to join in will probably make them more likely lớn finish all their food too!

6. Pizza Margherita in 3 Easy Steps for Kids Lunch by Tiffin box

This video claims lớn teach you how to lớn make authentic Italian-style pizza in just three simple steps. It’s full of useful tips that will help you achieve great results – lượt thích working the base by hand rather than using a rolling sạc – và once everything’s ready, the pizza will be ready after just 8 minutes in the oven. It’s a quick and easy recipe that your kids will love and a versatile option you can prepare any time.

7. 11 Simple Ways to lớn Make Yummy Kids Pizza

For those who want khổng lồ teach their kids the basics of preparing homemade pizza, this blog post is worth a look – because it introduces 11 different recipes for you lớn try. It also includes ideas for fussy eaters, so even if you have kids who are hard to lớn feed, you should be able lớn find something that works here.

8. Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe – Five Ways!

Sometimes when kids are hungry, you need khổng lồ have recipes you can prepare for them in short order – và if you’re looking for suggestions, this video clip tutorial should be worth a watch. In it, this YouTuber teaches us five different pizza recipes that you can prepare in just five minutes, so you won’t need to keep your hungry kids waiting!

9. Kid-Size Pizza


We love the story behind this recipe. As this blogger explains, one day when the kids were hungry, this idea for mini pizzas was born out of desperation. After a rummage through the cupboards, she came up with the idea of using the ingredients she found for making individual kid-sized pizzas – & it’s a recipe you can easily adapt to lớn any situation!

10. Easy Pizza for Kids

Here’s a cute đoạn phim that most people will adore – because the YouTubers presenting it và showing us how lớn make kids’ pizza are kids themselves! It’s fun khổng lồ watch them both at work, và it just shows how easy, interactive & educational it can be khổng lồ get kids lớn prepare their own food. Và the pizzas they make look pretty tasty too!

11. Better than Takeaway! Perfect Pizza Recipes for Kids


Ordering pizza delivery can get expensive, right? Especially if your kids want khổng lồ eat it once or twice a week. Well, one way you can save yourself some cash is to make the pizza yourself instead, & you can even come up with even more delicious options than the delivery place offers. Want to lớn know how? Then this blog post has all the information you need.

12. Simple Cheese Pizza for Toddlers và Kids

Sometimes kids don’t have the most adventurous tastes, so if you want them lớn eat the food you serve them, it might be better to stick to lớn some simpler recipes. If that’s something you can relate to, this recipe is for you because it teaches you how to make a basic cheese pizza that practically every child or toddler will enjoy. And then once they’re ready for something more ambitious, you can start experimenting with other toppings too.

13. Easy Homemade Pizza for Kids


One of the great things about pizza – apart from the fact that it’s so delicious và everyone loves it – is that it’s quick và easy khổng lồ prepare whenever you need something lớn eat in a hurry.

That means you can serve your kids pizza lượt thích this for lunch or dinner, và making it won’t take up too much of your time. You can even get them involved in making it too, so why not have a go at cooking something like this simple pizza yourself?

14. Ultimate Kid-Friendly 4-Cheese Pizza Recipe with Homemade Vegetable Sauce

If your kids love pizza but hate vegetables, here’s a neat little trick that will have them eating their greens – because it shows you how to lớn blend veggies into a four-cheese pizza so they won’t even notice. We think it’s such a great idea, and you’ll even enjoy eating it too – so for a healthier version of pizza, give this video clip a watch!

15. Homemade Pepperoni Pizza – Cooking with Kids


The range of toppings that can go on pizza is almost limitless, but if your kids love classic pepperoni, then this is the recipe for you. In it, you’ll find out how to lớn make a delicious version of this timeless favorite.

It also includes plenty of tips for getting them involved, and when you see the photo of the two girls hard at work with their rolling pins, you’re probably going khổng lồ want khổng lồ have a go ASAP.

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16. Cooking with Kids – Pizza from Scratch

As this YouTuber writes in her introduction, making pizza with kids is super-easy and fun – và in her video, she goes on khổng lồ prove it. The tutorial teaches you everything you need to lớn know, from making the dough to adding the toppings and cooking the pizza, & if you watch her video, you’ll see how much her niece enjoyed trying it!

17. Pizza buổi tiệc ngọt Time! An Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe for Kids


If you’re tempted to try making pizza with your kids but are a bit daunted by the idea, this post should put your mind at ease. In it, you’ll find plenty of tips and suggestions that will help ensure the experience is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. So what are you waiting for? <27 Best Pizza tiệc nhỏ Ideas>

18. How to lớn Make Pizza Toast

If you want pizza but don’t have the time or the patience to make your own dough – or you’re just looking for a quick & easy snack you can make with whatever you find in your cupboard – pizza toast is a great cheat.

All you need are a few slices of bread and something lớn use as a topping and you’re good khổng lồ go, and it’s also a great option for feeding kids if you haven’t had time khổng lồ go khổng lồ the supermarket to vày your food shopping.

19. 10 Easy, Kid-Friendly Pizza Recipes

For anyone who needs ideas và inspiration for food to lớn give their kids, this post is worth a look. In it, you’ll find a slideshow of creative kid-friendly pizza topping suggestions, so you’ll easily be able to find at least one or two flavors they’ll love.

20. Cooking with Kids: How to Make Pizza

Cooking with your kids is not just about making something to eat, it’s also a great opportunity lớn bond with them while teaching them how to prepare food. However, when they’re young, you’ll probably want lớn start off with something simple, and this high-quality tutorial for making pizza could be the ideal way to lớn keep them interested.

21. Mini Pizza Recipe for Babies, Kids và Toddlers


All parents want the best for their children, and that includes food, so for many, feeding children food made from organic ingredients is an important aspect of their upbringing. If that’s something you agree with, this is a recipe that’s worth a read since it teaches you how khổng lồ make kid’s pizza with organic toppings – so it tastes great but is also good for their health và development.

22. Only 50 Calorie Pizza!

One reason some parents might be reluctant to lớn give their kids pizza too often is that pizza is seen as the kind of junk food that can easily lead to lớn obesity. However, it doesn’t need khổng lồ be lượt thích that because it’s quite possible khổng lồ make a low-calorie pizza for your children – and this recipe teaches you how.

23. Healthy Homemade Pizza


Here’s another recipe for healthy pizza that you won’t worry about your kids eating. As you’ll discover in the post, making pizza is relatively simple, & you can also include all the nutritious toppings you want. Even better, you can customize it khổng lồ accommodate even the fussiest of eaters, giving you one more reason khổng lồ have a go yourself.

24. Kids Baking – How lớn Make Veggie Pizza

For vegetarians trying to bring their kids up not to lớn eat meat, this is a pizza recipe that should be worth a look. It teaches you how khổng lồ make a delicious pizza that’s so yummy, even your non-vegetarian friends will love it – and your kids will learn lớn enjoy delicious pizza without covering it in ham, chicken or pepperoni.

25. Homemade Pizza Recipe – Cooking with Kids


In this post, we are given a recipe for high-quality pizza just like the kind you would expect to eat in an authentic Italian restaurant – & it’s so easy to make, you can even get your kids to lớn help. We love the look of that light crisp crust so much we think we’re going lớn make one of our own.

26. Quick & Easy Bread Pizza

Bread pizza is a classic quick và easy recipe you can knock together in no time whenever your kids begin to feel hungry. You can use whatever you have available at home, và it’s easy lớn adapt it to lớn your child’s tastes – và in this video, this YouTuber gives us a great demonstration of how to lớn make an original version that looks amazing.

27. How to lớn Make Pizza with Kids


As this mother of a three-year-old và a one-year-old tells us, certain recipes are more suitable to try with kids than others – and making pizza is near the vị trí cao nhất of the list. There are plenty of easy jobs you can get them khổng lồ work on, and they are certain khổng lồ enjoy helping their parents cook their food. Want lớn know how this blogger does it? Then check out her post to find out her secrets.

Loads of great pizza recipes to lớn try

Whether you want to lớn cook pizza for your kids or with your kids, there are loads of great recipes you can try, from established classics khổng lồ some more original versions.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these recipes for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed watching & reading them too – và above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the recipe you needed to lớn make delicious kids’ pizza.