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Once introduced by CNNGO as one of the 30 most delicious cakes in the world, filter cake quickly conquered the world’s most “gourmets”. & in Vietnam, filter cake is not only popular in the “homeland” of the ancient capital of Hue, but even in Hanoi or Ho chi Minh, you can easily find a shop selling filter cake. But when it comes to the special, only when you come to Hue, you can feel the sophistication & “charm” of this cake.

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Types of filter cake

Hue filter cake has many different “variations”, but the most popular and loved are: filter cake wrapped with banana leaves and bare flour cake.

Packet of flour cake

To make beautiful cakes, Hue people often choose green banana leaves lớn make the cake more beautiful. After mixing the mixture of tapioca, salt & cooking oil, they are placed on the stove và heated until thickened. After the crust is stirred evenly và smooth, the shrimp & meat filling will be placed and meticulously wrapped with green banana leaves and then steamed.

The filter cakes are wrapped with banana leaves. Photo:

Packaged flour cakes are considered satisfactory if the cake has a moderate clarity và does not leave any dough. Besides, filter cake must also keep the toughness of the shell and the aroma of shrimp. Although the method seems simple, but to make Hue filter cake is a rather laborious & meticulous process.


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Ceiling filter cake

If the filter cakes wrapped in banana leaves are likened khổng lồ a shy young girl, then the bare flour cakes are lượt thích a modern, mở cửa and approachable girl.

Bare filter cake is on sale. Photo:

The bare flour cake is kneaded from tapioca flour with warm water, then molded into large balls and then boiled. After these dough balls are cooked, people will knead more raw tapioca flour và shape it into small semicircular pieces with shrimp và pork rim. After the cake is cooked, it will be put on a plate, sprinkled with a little bit of fat, fried onions and brought out lớn enjoy.


When eating both of these cakes, you need to địa chỉ a bit of Hue special spicy sauce. The filter cake is still warm and soaked in sweet & sour fish sauce, eating clearly the tough, fleshy, fat makes people remember forever.

Some shops sell delicious filter cake in Hue.

Ba vì restaurant : 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem

Banh Chi cửa hàng : 52 Le Viet Luong

Khoai khô hanh Cake : 11 Pho Duc Chinh

Đăng bởi: Đắc Tùng Phí

Từ khoá: Filtered flour cake, a dish that encapsulates the hearts of Hue people

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