How to make an easy tube pillowcase with only 3 seams!

This easy tutorial will teach you how to lớn make rice heating pads that are perfect for any beginning sewer. Heat these for a microwavable heating pad or stick it in the freezer for a homemade ice pack.

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This easy tutorial will teach you how to lớn make rice heating pads that are a perfect project for any beginning sewer. Use essential oils or dried herbs lớn make homemade aromatherapy rice bags for easing sore muscles. Heat these for a microwavable heating pad or stick it in the freezer for a homemade ice pack.

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These rice heating pads are great for easing aches and pains (if heated in the microwave), & for boo boos (if put in the freezer). They’re perfect for snuggling up lớn on the couch or placed at your feet in bed to warm up. You can also turn them into an aromatherapy rice bag simply by adding herbs or essential oils.

Even better, these are so simple khổng lồ make. A monkey could make these. I know, because one of them had to teach me how to use my sewing machine.

This project is just as simple as learning how to make fabric gift bags. I believe in you & you can totally do this project!

How Long Does a Rice Heating Pad Stay Hot?

Well, I’m so glad you asked because I legit spent 3 hours with the stopwatch feature on my phone tracking down the answers for you. Yes, I am a nerd.

For a rice filled heating pad that is 5×7 inches:

Microwave for 60 seconds and it will be hot/warm for 45 minutes.Microwave for 90 seconds & it will be hot/warm for 70 minutes.

Rice Heating Pad Supply List

fabric (100% cotton)binder clips or clothespinsthread corresponding to the màu sắc of the fabricscissorswhite rice (uncooked và the cheapest you can find)

The size of the fabric will be determined by how you want khổng lồ use the microwavable heating pads. Need it for your shoulders? I’d start with a piece of fabric that is đôi mươi x 6 inches. Monthly cramps? Try something that is at least 10 x 10. Just keep in mind the kích thước of your microwave because if the rice bag is too large it won’t heat evenly.

Try 2 x 2 inch squares to lớn slip into gloves for homemade hand warmers.

Other Options For Filling Microwavable Heating Pads

You don’t want lớn use rice or maybe you have an allergy? I got you friend! Here are some great alternatives:

FlaxseedDried beansBoiled and dried cherry pitsCorn (choose field/feed corn as opposed to popcorn)Dried lentils

How do You Make Rice Heating Pads?

*Ok friends, these are SO easy! I’m going khổng lồ walk you through it and then you’ll find a printable version of these instructions at the very bottom of this post.

Before we get started, let’s talk about two terms – Right side of the fabric which is the pretty/printed side. Wrong side of the fabric, which is the underside that won’t be shown in the final product. Got it?

Start with some đáng yêu 100% cotton fabric that is double kích thước of what you want the over product to be.

Decide which part of the fabric will be the đứng đầu of the bag, & then fold an edge over (~1/4 inch) to create a hem. Press with an iron and pin. Use a sewing machine and sew a basic stitch, back-stitching at the two ends. Then, fold the right sides of the fabric together with the hemmed edges at the top.

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Make a basic stitch around the sides like you’re creating a pocket, leaving the hemmed edges open.

Next, turn it right side out so that the right side of the fabric is showing. Fill the bag with the rice. Pro tip: if you’re new khổng lồ sewing, fill the bag halfway with rice for the first few bags you make. They’ll be easier to work with & sew shut. If you’re a more experienced sewer, fill bags two-thirds full of rice before sewing shut.

I lượt thích to use clips or clothespins to lớn keep the rice in while sewing. Use a basic stitch và sew the two hemmed sides together.

That’s it! You’ve done it & you’re now officially awesome! Once you get the hang of the process, you can knock out a DIY rice heating pad in under 10 minutes. I whipped up these four in 30 minutes, INCLUDING taking all the step-by-step photos.

Can You Wash a Rice Heating Pad?

If you make your bags without a separate cover, they are not washable. You could always slip your rice bag into a pillowcase or cover it with a towel if you think it is going to get dirty. Or, make something like these Zero Waste Produce & Bulk Bin Shopping Bags and slip the rice heating pad in and close the drawstring. You can clean the bag as often as needed.

Can you Heat a Rice Bag Without a Microwave?

Yes! I once made a huge microwavable heating pad for my husband’s lower back…without realizing it wouldn’t fit in our microwave. Doh! We would heat it in the oven on a baking sheet for 15 minutes at 300 degrees F.

How to Make Aromatherapy Rice Bags

My preference is to showroom 1-2 drops of the essential oil khổng lồ the outside of the fabric so that I can change the oils as needed. But, if you want to scent your rice, add 15 drops of essential oils per 2 cups of rice.

I don’t sell oils for an MLM, but we vị use them in our house. For kiddos with colds, I microwave the aromatherapy rice bags for 60 seconds & then add 2 drops of this kid-safe Germ Buster. For help sleeping, I use 1 drop of Sleep Aid.

Other lovely scents for your rice bags are lavender (I limit the use of this oil around all the males in my house), peppermint, lemon/grapefruit, or a homemade “Vicks” blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You can use those same oils in my Homemade Vicks Soother Tablets.

And if you’re dealing with sick kids, go make yourself some cozy & comforting soup lượt thích Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings. You’re going to need it.

Pro Tips

If your rice heating pads are more than 10 x 10 inches, the rice will shift around quite a bit. You can solve this issue by sewing segments called baffles lớn keep the rice in place before sewing the hemmed edges together. Turn the fabric right side out, then sew a straight line from the bottom over to the top. You’ll want khổng lồ make a few of these lines and địa chỉ cửa hàng rice to each segment. See photo at the bottom of the post as an example.If you use flaxseed or cherry pits as filler, place 1 cup of water in the microwave while you’re heating the bags (don’t get the bags themselves wet). Both flax và cherry pits are great if you need your bag to lớn have a moist heat. Moist heat is wonderfully soothing for earaches.Always kiểm tra the temperature of the rice bag before allowing kids to use them. Some microwaves heat the filling unevenly và you want to be extra cautious.A 10 x 10 rice bag heated for 90 seconds would be great to lớn keep dishes warm at potlucks or holiday dinners.

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