Banh Goi (Pillow Shaped Cake)


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Mochi in 5 minutes? Yes, please! Daifuku mochi has to be our FAVOURITE Japanese snack of all time. Sweet sticky rice is wrapped around red bean paste to form soft as a pillow dessert bites you’ll want to make again and again.

Why We Love This

The sweet bean filling and chewy texture of daifuku mochi gets us every time. We would naughtily have these almost every day in Japan!

Being ready in 5 minutes & only needing 5 ingredients is a win for us. They make fantastic desserts khổng lồ impress guests, especially if you need something last minute & have everything on hand.

What is Mochi?

Mochi is a versatile little treat & we’ve found many typeson our wanders across Japan. Sweet-tooths especially will fall in love with the sweet red bean filled version we’ve made today – known as daifuku mochi. We’ve also seen them coated in matcha (green tea) powder, kinako (toastedsoy bean)powder, ormixed with yomogi (mugwort) herb.

Plain mochi can be enjoyed asis, but for something devilishly good, coat it in butter và gently fry in a pan on both sides for a few minutes. địa chỉ cửa hàng a pinch of salt over the top & serve hot – we guarantee there will be no turning back after this. It somehow tastes like buttered popcorn with a crunchy exterior and soft chewy centre. Yum yum!

Where We Discovered this Sweet Treat

Along a footpath in Kagoshima, nhật bản Outside we saw an old mochi pestle (usu) pushed up against the wall of the shop. We pausedto takea few quick photos, thinking it might just be a decorative piece, then slowly became aware of the crowd gathering around us.

The crowd parted lớn make way for an old man with a steaming tray of stickyrice as we stepped back khổng lồ watch. He handed it to lớn two young men holding massivewooden kine mallets. They threw the rice into the wooden usu mill and got to lớn work, pounding the rice into a glutinous paste amongsta multitude of grunts and shouts. Next they slammed it, still steaming, onto a tray và whisked it inside to be moulded into delicious mochi. The Mochitsuki had begun!

While the recipefor mochi is quite simple, just cooked sticky rice and lots of water, it quickly became apparent that preparing it thetraditional waytakes a lot of effort. The guys operating the usu worked in tandem with the ease of long years of practice. While one used the heavy woodenkine lớn pound the rice, the other added water & rotated the thickening mixture,as it graduallytransformed from individual grains into asticky, glutinous ball.

We’re glad lớn be able to recreate daifuku mochi at home in just 5 minutes, but if you ever get the opportunity to lớn make it from scratch with a hammer and all – we thoroughly recommend it.

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What You’ll Need

Never has a Japanese dessert been so easy to recreate at home! You need 5 ingredients & at least 3 should already be in your kitchen – sugar, water and cornstarch (or potato/tapioca starch) for coating. The next two ingredients are what will make or break this recipe – glutinous rice flour (aka sticky rice flour) and red bean paste (known as anko in Japanese).

How to make:

1.2.3.In a large bowl, set together the 1 heaped cup of glutinous rice flour, 4 tbsp of sugar and 50% cup of water until combined.Loosely cover with cling wrap và microwave for 1 minute. With the spoon, give it a quick mix, re-cover & pop back in for another minute.Get a spatula, và wet it in water. Pull the mochi away from the sides & fold it in until it’s a rough dough ball shape. It should be sticky & pliable, with the colour turning from bright white lớn a more translucent cream.4.5.6.Spread the cornstarch on a clean dry surface, & pop the mochi onto it using the wet spatula. Cover it with cornstarch until it’s no longer sticky, molding it into a thick and flat disc, and allow to lớn cool for a few minutes.Roll 1 tbsp of red bean paste into a ball, and repeat until you have 8 balls ready khổng lồ wrap with mochi.Grab the cooled mochi dough và cut into 8 even pieces using a knife or dough cutter (pop a bit of cornstarch on to lớn avoid sticking).7.8.Coat your fingertips in the cornstarch and pick up your first piece of mochi. Flatten and shape into a disc around 10cm / 2 inches wide. Place a red bean paste ball into the centre & wrap the mochi dough around it. Pull up the edges into the centre and pinch it altogether.Place the mochi seam side down & repeat with the remaining dough và bean paste. Serve immediately, and best eaten within the day.

Wandercook’s Tips

While cooking, look for the change of colour. You want the bright white khổng lồ fade to a more translucent cream colour.If it’s sticking while trying to khung the mochi, địa chỉ a little more cornstarch.You can roll out the mochi if you prefer, rather than stretching it by hand.The mochi itself is super stretchy, so don’t be afraid when pulling it over the red bean paste filling.


How quickly should mochi be eaten?

Best enjoyed within 24 hours. If you can, leave it out of the fridge for the freshest taste. If you really can’t eat them all, they will keep overnight in a zip-lock plastic bag in the fridge OR you can freeze them. If freezing, coat in a little extra corn starch so they don’t stick together và pop them in a zip-lock plastic bag. Eat within the month if freezing for the best taste. To lớn thaw, you can either leave them out on the bench for an hour or so, or heat them in 10 second bursts until thawed.

More mochi filling ideas:

While daifuku mochi is super popular, there are so many other filling options for mochi itself. Get creative & put whatever you lượt thích inside. – Ice-cream filled mochi takes your dessert khổng lồ a whole other level. Try vanilla, green tea, strawberry or đen sesame!– Sweet mung bean paste – like in Che bố Mau– Strawberries covered in red bean paste– Fresh cream– Speculoos cookie butter– Chocolate mousse– Peanut butter và banana

Can I use all purpose flour or regular rice flour for mochi?

Unfortunately no. It’s the sticky aspect of glutinous or sweet rice powder that gives mochi it’s iconic texture & helps it bind together into the perfect pliable dough. You should be able lớn find glutinous rice flour at your local Asian supermarket or online.

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Mochi in 5 minutes? Yes, please! Daifuku mochi has to be our FAVOURITE Japanese snack of all time. Sweet sticky rice is wrapped around red bean paste to khung soft as a pillow dessert bites you'll want to lớn make again and again.