Petit Bakes — Pillow Bread Recipe


Growing up I ate my fair giới thiệu of peanut butter + jam (no jelly please) sandwiches.

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Being that I was a picky child it was my go to, besides cereal. I prefer a higher peanut butter to lớn jam ratio so much where my mom would say you’ll choke using all that peanut butter! so it also required a glass of milk. 

The best part of any sandwich to me is the bread. For pb+j the bread must be squishy.

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Yes, I said squishy, & plush where it meshes all the deliciousness in its grasp. 


Since I’ve been making homemade bread this has been something I’ve wanted to lớn replicate. It had lớn be the softest bread just like the store bought, but better! This is it. I found this recipe on Saveur and it’s like a hybrid of all your favorite bread và as soft as a pillow.


The dough is super plush and fluffy, enriched with egg, milk, và butter. Yes, the gangs’ all here haha. This is the bread dietitians used khổng lồ warn you about