Quick and easy homemade pita bread


Perfectly soft pillows of pita bread that melt in your mouth, made with just a few simple ingredients!


You guys. This is groundbreaking. GROUNDBREAKING.

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You may think I"m exaggerating when I say that. Like, "groundbreaking? Really, Rachel? It"s pita bread."

But seriously, it"s not just pita bread, it"s perfectly soft pillows of deliciousness sent straight from heaven. If you could bite into a cloud, it would be like this pita bread. I was so excited the first time I made this, I was literally jumping up và down in the kitchen. Ask Pete, he"ll tell you.

I already professed my love for/obsession with Middle Eastern food when I shared my sister-in-law"s family recipe for Authentic Creamy Hummus, so it should be no surprise that I"m going kind of nuts over this pita bread. I worked at a Middle Eastern restaurant in my hometown, and I used khổng lồ eat roughly a dozen pieces of this bread per shift. It was just SO GOOD và it was always hot & fresh out of the wood-burning oven...omg. But in the interest of continuing khổng lồ fit in my clothes, I actually had khổng lồ go cold turkey & completely quit eating the bread because I could NEVER have a reasonable amount. It was too good.

As I"ve searched for good Middle Eastern restaurants after we moved away from the Metro Detroit area, the one thing I have never been able to lớn find is this amazing pita bread. So when I stumbled across the recipe on a blog called home in Greece and the photos looked like the pita of my dreams - I HAD lớn try it right away.

Oh man - I am so glad I did. It"s just lượt thích the fabulous pillowy bread I know from the restaurants...made with just a few simple ingredients.

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Here is what you need: all purposeflour, yeast, water, sugar, salt & olive oil. That"s it. Easy peasy.

Start by sprinkling the yeast & sugar over the warm water và set aside for 10 minutes khổng lồ let it get foamy.



You can make this recipe by hand, or with a stand mixer. If you"re making it by hand, add the flour, salt, và olive oil into the bowl with the yeast/sugar/water mixture (use a large bowl) và stir to lớn combine. When it is fully combined, turn out onto a floured surface & knead with floured hands for 10 minutes.

If you"re using a stand mixer, addthe flour, salt, & olive oil and the yeast/sugar/water mixture into the bowl of your stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment. Use the "stir" setting to combine the ingredients, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. When the ingredients are combined, turn the mixer onto speed #2 và knead for 2 minutes. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface và knead with floured hands for about 1 more minute just khổng lồ make sure everything is combined & the right consistency.

Form dough into a ball, oil the bowl và the đứng top of the dough and place the dough into the oiled bowl. Cover it with plastic wrap and a kitchen towel và let it rise for an hour & a half.