Peach iced tea, shake & juice


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The mango peach smoothie is an easy recipe that is outrageously healthy và delicious. I"ve made healthy eating even better with my secret ingredient!


Can"t decide between a peach smoothie or a mango smoothie? Why not both? Mango & peach make a great flavor combo. I might be late for the mango party, but I’m glad I didn’t miss it. These superfruits are jam-packed with nutrients.

The great thing about fruit smoothies is they are generally healthy recipes và perfect for a quick breakfast or light lunch on a hot day.

What is Mango?

The mango is an ancient stone fruit of India, mentioned in Sanskrit literature 4,000 years ago. In the US, mangoes in southern Florida only go back 100 years. There are many different mango varieties, but the sweetest mango in the world is the soft Philippine variety.

Choose a mango that smells sweet & is slightly soft. Mangoes vary in màu sắc depending on the type, so appearance is not always a reliable ripeness test.

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The mango was always a bit of a mysterious tropical fruit khổng lồ me. I discovered it out of curiosity and found it sweetly indescribable—a mingling of peach, pineapple, & honey. I can’t think of a better way khổng lồ get your mango on than with a superfruit mango peach smoothie.

The mango contains over 20 different vitamins & minerals & has only 100 calories per cup. Mangoes are fat-free, sodium-free, và cholesterol-free. What’s not lớn love?

How to lớn Cut a Mango


The lovely peach may be native lớn China, but the US grows peaches in Florida, Georgia, & California. Although I have khổng lồ tell you, I bought the most deliciously sweet & juicy peaches grown on a farm in New Jersey. You"re looking at Jersey peaches right here!

There’s nothing tastier than buying local fresh fruit in season.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes With Tea

Some of my favorite smoothie recipes are made with tea. Many people don’t realize you can cook with tea. Tea is essentially an herb. We infuse the tea leaf in water & then drink it most of the time, but you can also add the tea infusion khổng lồ many food & smoothie recipes.

The smoothie will not taste lượt thích tea. You"re just using tea in place of milk or juice. The tea will accentuate the fruit flavors. Much lượt thích the addition of lemon juice enhances the taste of peach or raspberry iced tea.


So instead of using a cup of fruit juice, or almond milk, use a cup of tea. Plus, you get all the fantastic health benefits of a cup of tea right in your mango peach smoothie!