Pandan Coconut Pandan Jelly (Wun Gati Bai Tuey)


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A green & white Indonesian pandan and coconut milk layered agar that is easy enough for midweek, yet impressive enough for a party. Plus, they happen khổng lồ be vegan friendly và gluten-free!

The green và white màu sắc combination from pandan và coconut milk layered agar is a very common theme in many Indonesian desserts. With these two colors, you can keep it simple by making two layers as shown in this post, which I think is perfectly okay for midweek desserts. For special occasions, you can try making an elaborate multi layer version by alternating white và green layers like this puding lapis that will definitely impress any guest.

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Pandan & Coconut Milk Layered Agar

Make fresh pandan extract

To start, you will need lớn hunt down some fresh pandan leaves, frozen ones are okay since this is what I use for this recipe. But if you can get your hand on some fresh leaves, use that! Here is the step-by-step lớn make fresh pandan extract:

Measure 50 gram of pandan leaves, use a pair of scissors khổng lồ cut them into super thin strips, the thinner the better since the leaves are really fibrous and you don’t want to kill your blender pureeing them.

Pandan & Coconut Milk Layered Agar

Use agar-agar powder

The most widely available brand of agar-agar powder in Indonesia is Swallow brand. If that is what you are using, be sure to select the clear (colorless) version.

The Swallow brand agar-agar powder is hard khổng lồ come by in United States, in which case, you can try using Now Food agar powder, which is my go-to agar powder when I am in the US.


Pandan and Coconut Milk Layered Agar

Use pretty moulds

If you use pretty moulds, you can try un-mould the agar prior lớn serving. It gives off a more elegant and sophisticated feeling to this really humble dessert.

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You can try using silicone muffin baking cups like this one from OXO if you want lớn serve your pandan và coconut milk agar unmoulded.

If unmoulding is not something you want to lớn do, you can also pour into pretty glass jars and serve the agar without the need to lớn unmould.

Pandan and Coconut Milk Layered Agar

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Author: Anita Jacobson

Categories: Dessert Vegetarian

Cuisine: Indonesian

Ingredients: Fruit

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 25 mins

Serves: 8

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Pandan extract50 gram fresh/frozen pandan leaves, cut into thin strips1 cup waterGreen layer agar250 ml (1 cup) pandan extract200 ml water50 gram sugarWhite layer agar200 ml water50 gram sugar3.5 gram agar-agar powder


Pandan extractPuree together pandan leaves and water in a blender until the leaves are completely pulverized. Using a fine-mesh strainer (or a piece of cheese cloth), strain & squeeze pulverized pandan to get pandan extract. You should end up with 1 cup extract. (Note 1)Green layer agarPlace pandan extract, water, sugar, và agar-agar powder in a small sauce pot. Bring to lớn a boil while stirring so everything is well mixed. Pour into mould(s).Let the agar firm up a bit in the fridge before pouring the next layer. Usually 5 minutes should be enough.White layer agarPlace coconut milk, water, sugar, và agar-agar powder in a small sauce pot. Bring khổng lồ a boil while stirring so everything is well mixed. Pour into mould(s) on top of the firmed up green layer agar. Be as gentle as you can so the two layers don"t end up mixed together.


(1) Please don"t use a regular strainer to strain pandan juice. The holes won"t be small enough khổng lồ stop pulverized leaves and will make the pandan layer bitter.