Peach Lemongrass Iced Tea Recipe


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Brew homemade lemongrass tea with ginger & enjoy a cold, refreshing drink for the summer. Making iced tea in your Instant Pot or pressure cooker has never been easier, or more delicious.


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What Makes Keto Tea So Great

Where lớn Buy Lemongrass

Many grocery stores sell lemongrass to lớn use in this Lemongrass Tea và many other delicious dishes. It is generally found with fresh produce, but you may also have luck finding it in the frozen food section.

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If you"re having trouble finding lemongrass at your local grocery store, you may have better luck checking an Asian market.

How to lớn Make Lemongrass Tea

Pick. I went out khổng lồ my yard & picked some lemongrass leaves. Like about so many.
Slice. Then, I sliced a few slices of fresh ginger..
Cool. When it was done, I let it cool, & then added lemon juice khổng lồ taste. I prefer to địa chỉ this to cold tea so as khổng lồ not "cook" the lemon juice, which changes its flavor.Serve. I served it over ice.

Why Make Lemongrass Tea In The Instant Pot?

I have spoken about the benefits of making Iced Tea in your Instant Pot. In a nutshell, the benefits of brewing tea in your pressure cooker are:

Less bitter, but more robust flavor since the water gets "superheated" under pressure.Very little babysitting required.No worrying about the tea boiling over.Ability khổng lồ make a tea concentrate, & then dilute as you go. Takes up less space in the fridge.

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How lớn Use Lemongrass

You are probably more familiar with lemongrass stalks, which are often sold in the grocery store. We typically use lemongrass stalks to make Thai-style curries.

Lemongrass leaves are used in many parts of the world to make a hot tea that is considered very beneficial & very cooling during warm summer months.

What Does Lemon Grass Taste Like?

It"s an herby, citrusy, lemony, aromatic, smooth flavor that I just absolutely love. It"s honestly just like sunshine in a cup.

What Is Lemongrass Tea Good For?

You can find a lot of articles online talking about the health benefits of Lemongrass. I personally bởi vì not cite studies unless they are double-blind, controlled, longitudinal studies with random or near-random assignment (occupational hazard after getting a doctorate in experimental psychology, but still best practice).

So I don"t know if it does indeed help with anxiety, weight loss, blood pressure and all those magical things.

I just know it tastes good, and that"s good enough for me!

What Is The Best Time to Drink Lemongrass Tea?

Lemongrass Tea is great for helping with digestion. For this reason, I find it to lớn have the most health benefit when drinking right after a meal.

However, this Keto tea is so delicious, you may find yourself reaching for it more often because of how cool and refreshing it is.

Tips and Tricks for Making Iced Lemongrass Tea

Don"t be afraid khổng lồ use approximations for the amount of lemongrass, the amount of ginger, & the sweetener. Taste, taste, taste và adjust as needed.Allow the tea lớn cool before adding lemon juice so as lớn not "cook" the lemon juice.You can drink this tea hot as well. In this case of course, you will địa chỉ cửa hàng the lemon juice lớn hot tea.Do NOT add fresh lemons or oranges into the pot khổng lồ brew. I"ve tried that and it is sooo bitter you will kết thúc up wasting an entire pot of good tea.You can use honey to lớn sweeten this tea for a different flavor. Try throwing in a bag or two of green tea into the pot for a change.When you"re ready to serve the tea, fill an 8 oz glass with ice. Pour the chilled tea over it & serve.

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Once you"ve made this delightful & refreshing Lemongrass Tea you"ll want to lớn make it again và again. Don"t forget to tóm tắt this recipe with your friends on Pinterest và Facebook so they can enjoy it as well!