Christmas card class for november 20th


If there is something I look forward to lớn every year, it’s holiday thẻ making! But with the hustle và bustle of the season, the task can seem daunting. Luckily, with a little imagination I’ve discovered a few ways lớn embellish cards that are quick và easy. For example, what’s easier than peeling và sticking? Decorative stickers are a simple way to showroom colorful images khổng lồ a card. To really make them stand out, stick them onto a strip of paper in a contrasting color, and showroom a few adhesive crystals for sparkle.

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When I’m feeling really crafty I use rubber stamps in my card making. Try rubber stamping in a bold màu sắc and adding layers of paper lớn create borders and dimension. The thẻ above features our new Holiday Greetings Square Rubber Stamp, which is a fun way to địa chỉ holiday sentiments to the outside or inside of a holiday card.

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Layering a rubber stamped piece onto a patterned lưu ý set creates a festive finished look.

Use decorative punches khổng lồ create graphic shapes that turn blank cards into modern works of art! I punched circle shapes in a few bright colors using a 1″ circle hole punch. Next, I punched xinh đẹp holiday shapes with the Fat Tree Punch. Once I was happy with the arrangement of the shapes, I used a glue stick lớn stick them in place. The overall effect is striking, yet so simple!

This technique works for many occasions with different hole punches and colored paper. Just imagine our Heart Hole Punch with red & fuchsia paper for Valentine’s Day cards, or a card with our Rubber Duck or Bunny Hole Punch và pink or blue paper to lớn congratulate a new parent! Make a bunch và keep them on hand for when you need a last minute greeting card.


Here’s a tip for when you want to send a handmade card that looks exceptionally sharp – use our classic holiday shape cards as a base. They’re already diecut, so all that’s left to bởi vì is embellish! With so many combinations of adhesive crystals, stickers, ribbons và snippets of paper, the options are limitless!