What Size Is A4 Paper Size Is A4 Paper? What Size Is A4 Paper


A guide to paper sizes

What kích cỡ is A4 paper? and A3 & A5 and A0 for that matter! The most common paper sizes used in the UK for printing & stationery are named using the letter A, also known as International Paper Sizes. The range begins with tiny A10 (37mm x 26mm) and goes all the way through to the mighty A0 (1189mm x 841mm).

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What size is A5 paper?

Portrait: 210mm (height) x 148.5mm (width)Landscape: 148.5mm (height) x 210mm (width)Note: 148mm is also an acceptable height/width for printing on A5 paperA5 printing

What form size is A4 paper?

Portrait: 297mm (height) x 210mm (width)Landscape: 210mm (height) x 297mm (width)A4 printing

What form size is A3 paper?

Portrait: 420mm (height) x 297mm (width)Landscape: 297mm (height) x 420mm (width)A3 printing

What form size is A2 paper?

Portrait: 594mm (height) x 420mm (width)Landscape: 420mm (height) x 594mm (width)A2 printing

What kích thước is A1 paper?

Portrait: 841mm (height) x 594mm (width)Landscape: 594mm (height) x 841mm (width)A1 printing

What kích thước is A0 paper?

Portrait: 1189mm (height) x 841mm (width)Landscape: 841mm (height) x 1189mm (width)A0 printing

With A sized paper, however many times you double the short edge or half the long edge, it will always have the same width to height ratio. For example, the dimensions of A4 paper are 210x297mm, & half of A4 equals A5, and double A4 equals A3.

Starting from A0, all subsequent A paper sizes are determined by halving the paper on its longest size. A0 halves to become A1, which halves to become A2, all the way down lớn A10. Remember, the length of the smaller form size is always equal lớn the width of the larger size. For example, the length of A4 is 297mm which is also the width of A3.

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To many people wordwide, excluding North America và Canada, the most familiar paper size size is A4 (a familiar 210mm x 297mm). It is commonly used for letters & correspondence in the UK and it is the standard paper kích thước for most home printers. I bet you’ve seen, used and/or scribbled on at least one piece of this today!

At dienmayducminh.com.vn we print on sizes from A5 lớn A0, both unbound và with various binding types (as well as custom form size printing if that’s what you’re looking for). Here’s a quick reference guide khổng lồ A paper sizes we print, as well as the smaller ones.

If you need khổng lồ know the size of paper smaller than A5, here’s a printable table of paper sizes with a diagram showing papers sizes from as big as A0 khổng lồ as small as A8 (just halve A8 khổng lồ get A9, and half A9 to lớn get A10).

Finally, if you’d like to copy and paste the info below for your reference, please do!