Beef dumplings, 3 ways

My philosophy on eating và cooking is "HUGE with healthy & a dab of decadence!" Enjoy my guilt-free recipes.

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Tips for making Chinese meat và vegetable dumplings.

As I mentioned earlier, Chinese meat và vegetable dumplings can have various meat & veggie combinations. This particular dumpling restaurant, which unfortunately no longer exists, made an organic duck dumpling. It was delicious và the broth was out of this world.

Dumplings freeze well và are great for the quick meal. I usually make enough dumplings for the meal plus plenty more for freezing. Freezing dumplings by placing them on a silicone mat, parchment paper or foil on a baking tray. Make sure they vày not touch each other & freeze them. Once they are completely frozen, you can remove them from the baking tray và store them in a freeze bag for future use.

Dumpling wrappers.

If you go into a Chinese grocery store, there may be several dumpling wrappers khổng lồ choose from. Wonton wrappers are usually square. Sui mai & potsticker dumplings tend khổng lồ be oval. Sui mai wrappers are thinner than potsticker wrappers, almost 50% thinner. Sui mai wrappers are therefore more delicate & don"t hold up as well during frying. They also break easier when frozen. They are better for boiling & don"t have as many carbs! So pick the appropriate wrapper depending on whether you prefer boiled or fried dumplings or whether you"re going make a bunch và freeze them for future use.

Potsticker wrapper thickness. Great for frying.

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Sui Mai wrapper thickness. Great for boiling.

Dumpling wrapper shape.

I tend lớn go with the oval shaped wrappers as they are more versatile & larger. Given that we are making homemade dumplings, we shouldn"t be skimping on the filling!

Folding dumplings.

You can see my youtube đoạn phim that will show you an easy way to fold your dumplings that can be used for both boiling and pan-frying.

Cooking the dumplings: See Boiling perfect dumplings in my Tips và Tricks section khổng lồ see how khổng lồ boil your dumplings to lớn ensure that you don"t have a raw center (especially if they are frozen), nor vì you overcook them so that the wrapper disintegrates.

Dumpling accompaniments.

These dumplings are so tasty they can be eaten plain. However, if you are having a dumpling party, you can try the dumplings with the usual soy sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, sesame sauce or try it with my spicy peanut sauce.

Enjoy và let me know what you think!