Baked apple cider donuts


I absolutely love this time of year! The crisp chill in the air và leaves turning every shade of golden.

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Apples & pumpkins are at their prime & ready for picking. Now that we live in Florida…. Most days are sunny, bright & about 85 degrees. Warm skies & palm trees vì chưng not make for a typical fall. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about beautiful weather. After spending several years in Illinois, I certainly bởi not miss the zero degree, grey-skied winters. But I vày miss sweaters & tall boots… the smell of leaves burning in the distance & the feeling of Autumn.


Last fall, we took advantage of our northern locale và hit the local orchard for some táo bị cắn dở picking fun. We came home with a bushel of fresh-from-the-tree apples và a box of freshly fried hãng apple donuts. Oh my goodness! I’m not sure what was gone first. Okay, truth be told…. We enjoyed apples for weeks but the donuts were gone fast! This year, we can’t just gaunt over to the nearest táo apple orchard. So I was thrilled to see the large displays of Honeycrisp Apples at the market. Into my basket went many large, gorgeous apples with the intent of recreating those delicious táo khuyết donuts at home. So that’s what I have for you today! Baked and delicious. Soft & tender on the inside with a serious cinnamon crunch on the outside. Filled with cups of grated apple, cinnamon và nutmeg.

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My recipe for Fresh hãng apple Donuts!


After several variations of less apple, more apple, táo khuyết juice, applesauce, táo khuyết chunks… frying verses baking… I finally narrowed it down khổng lồ this. A batter packed full of grated táo bị cắn goodness with a serious cinnamon kick. I see it this way. If you’re going to the effort of making donuts at home, they should be noticeably different than something you can easily pick up at Dunkin.

My original plan for these donuts included a salted caramel glaze. Which I still think would be absolutely incredible. But somewhere along the way, I decided less was more. I wanted this lớn be a recipe that you could easily make for breakfast. Without waking up at 5am lớn get started. So the over result is a recipe simple enough for your kids khổng lồ help. My two year old daughter assisted me from beginning to almost end. Once the first batch came out of the oven, she was more interested in sampling than baking up the remaining batches. But hey, can you blame her?


Funny thing about these táo donuts. I’m not about to điện thoại tư vấn them healthy because the words donut and healthy just aren’t meant lớn be together. But, they are filled with a cup and a half of fresh táo bị cắn (fiber và all) & unsweetened, natural táo khuyết sauce. Và they’re baked not fried. So I guess if you stretch it… you might be able lớn say these are a little better than something you pick up at the store. Can I hotline them healthy? Probably not. Can I call them delicious? Absolutely!!