Vietnamese baked mung bean cake


Bánh đỗ xanh or mung bean/green bean cake was the best souvenir I discovered in Hanoi. Hải Dương, located about 75km by oto southeast of hoàn Kiếm Lake, Hanoi is famous for its fragrant bánh đậu xanh. When Emperor Bảo Đại (in 19th century) tasted the bánh đậu xanh from Hải Dương, he was so surprised by how good it is. Hence, he issued a royal decree khổng lồ commend it. On the decree is the Rồng quà (golden dragon) symbol. Only hải dương bánh đậu xanh uses the rồng xoàn image và sentence: bánh đậu xanh rồng kim cương (golden long green bean cake) on their products.

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While researching for my Hanoi trip last year, one of the thing that came up many times was bánh đậu xanh. As you may or may not know, I love anything mung bean. I professed my love for it here not too long ago. The thing about bánh đỗ xanh is that I have never heard or seen anything lượt thích it before. I’ve eaten many food products made from mung bean in my life but this one is a big mystery. I just cannot imagine how it would taste like. I quickly bought a box of bánh đỗ xanh on my first night at Hanoi. But I didn’t try it on the same night. I only tried it on the 2nd day, & before I knew it I’m hooked big time!

Bánh đỗ xanh from hương thơm Nguyên & Bảo Hiên enjoyed with cuppa Hanoi green tea.The two boxes of bánh đậu xanh that I bought at Hanoi were from Hải Dương. Bánh đậu xanh is made from ground mung bean (mung bean powder/flour) and is shaped into cubes of square, rectangle or round. Come now, I will show you more below.

The unboxing, comparison và verdict between hương thơm Nguyên & Bảo Hiên bánh đậu xanh:

When I was on the bánh đỗ xanh buying quest, I had no particular brands in mind. I bought hương thơm Nguyên at Vinmart on my first night in Hanoi & I got the Bảo Hiên at Ô Mai Hồng Lam in my second last day there.

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The unboxinga. External packaging:

The box of mùi hương Nguyên is yellow in color with the tên thương hiệu in red. It’s a striking yellow-red color combo. In the box are many small boxes which also spot the same màu sắc combo.

Bảo Hiên’s box meanwhile is painted in red majority, some yellow và other colors. The box is very fancy & the color full bộ is more captivating thanks lớn the designs that accompany it. Like Hương Nguyên, there are small boxes inside but they are mostly yellow in color.

In comparison, Bảo Hiên’s box is just a tad bigger, oozes tradition, and yes very captivating as mentioned above. I would go for Bảo Hiên if I were to lớn choose between the two. Because I’m a s^cker for pretty boxes.