Snow Skin Mooncakes With Ice Cream Filling (Vegan Recipe)

Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling is an incredibly satisfying no-bake recipe for the Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s filled using a buttery vanilla custard infused with savory yolk bits, then sealed in a delicate mochi wrapping. One bite & you’ll fall in love because these are the kind of mooncakes you won’t find at the shops!


A refreshingly satisfying take on a classic

I find it absolutely magical that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, families around the world get to enjoy warm và freshly baked mooncakes with their nearest and dearest as the season gets colder.

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And while it’s a special time for us here in nước australia too, sometimes it’s not so fun having lớn nibble on mooncakes with tea while the weather’s swelteringly hot.

That’s where a Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling comes khổng lồ save the day! They’re the perfect way khổng lồ cool down và you won’t have to lớn compromise on all the fun of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Have one, two, five or ten – each one’s deliciously refreshing every time.

Sure, they may take a little patience to lớn put together from start to finish, but you’ll understand why it’s worth every second the moment you take your first bite. Let your teeth pierce through the delicate mochi & sink into a wickedly luscious ice cream full of savory and sweet flavors.

You’ll find that the salted egg flavor in this recipe is different to how it tastes in other recipes. It may be the star that complements prawns or potato chips in savory dishes, but in this dessert, it’s infused into the cream for a balanced and light taste.

There’s really nothing quite like it.

So try our recipe this weekend and you’ll keep coming back for more!

Why are mooncakes so expensive?

Traditional baked mooncakes are actually quite labor intensive và require unique ingredients. Fresh salted egg yolks, all the ingredients for the various types of fillings, lye water (used for the signature brown màu sắc and soft texture), lard & special invert syrup as mentioned by Wei over at Red House Spice are just some of the ways to lớn make the Mid-Autumn Festival dessert.

Then you also have to factor in the time it takes khổng lồ make each separate part – dough, filling and molding. It really is a labor of love!

They’re also almost exclusively sold as an edible gift for family và close friends during the festive season, which means the demand during that time is particularly high.

That’s why I love making Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling – the ingredients aren’t too expensive và there’s a lot less work than the baked version!

How bởi you use mooncake molds?


There are many varieties of molds to choose from when you tìm kiếm online. At home, we like to use the plastic ones with a spring handle because they’re easy to lớn use and clean. You can also change the kiến thiết easily.

But there are also the traditional ones made of wood, which have a long paddle for a handle.

Here’s how you would use each version:

Plastic: Put the wrapped ball in the hollow part of the mold và press the opening against the table. Push down on the handle until it becomes too difficult khổng lồ press và slowly lift the mold up while still pressing the handle down. This step is designed to push the mooncake out.Wood: Lightly coat the inside of the mold with toasted glutinous rice flour lớn prevent any sticking. Put the ball inside và use your hand lớn press down until everything is pressed perfectly into the mold. Give it a gentle tap & turn it over so the mooncake can fall out.

But regardless if which one you have, you’ll be able lớn make delicious Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling using either one!


Why this recipe works

Using butter for the filling adds a creamy lusciousness.Condensed milk gives the Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling a rich yet gentle sweet flavor.Vanilla extract is just the flavor kick the custard needs to lớn complement the savoriness.

What you’ll need

For the ice cream filling


About the ingredients

For the cheese slice, we use the individually wrapped singles cheese. They’re more processed than regular blocks of cheese but work well in this recipe for its mild flavor.

We used packaged salted egg yolks from the Asian supermarket. These ones came pre-cooked, so we didn’t have to lớn steam them. If you have raw versions (they’re normally a slightly translucent và bright orange), make sure lớn steam them first.

For the mochi skin


About the ingredients

You can find glutinous rice flour và corn starch at Asian grocery stores. They’re often placed near each other in plastic bags.

The mochi in this Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling recipe uses full cream milk. Other options (like skim milk) might not give the same chewiness mochi is known for.

How khổng lồ make this recipe

Making the filling


Mash the salted egg yolks until fine và leave aside for later.

Note: Make sure they’re cooked through. You can buy them pre-cooked or just steam them yourself.


Combine the egg yolks, condensed milk & vanilla extract in a bowl.


Pour the milk, cream & mashed salted egg yolks in a small saucepan, then bring it khổng lồ a gentle simmer. As soon as a film forms on top, take it off the heat.

Pro Tip: Make sure the liquid doesn’t boil, otherwise the milk will start lớn curdle.


Add một nửa cup of the hot liquid into the egg và condensed milk mixture và stir until combined. Pour the remaining mixture in very slowly while stirring until well incorporated. Doing this in parts will prevent the eggs from cooking.


Transfer the combined liquid back into the saucepan and cook it on a low-medium heat until it begins to lớn thicken up. You want it lớn leave a clean streak when you run your finger across a rubber spatula.


When thickened, take it off the heat & in set the cheese & butter until melted. Pour it into a freeze-safe bowl & let it cool for 5 minutes, then wrap the custard using plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic touches the custard so there’s no room for ice lớn form.

Leave it in the freezer for 3 hours or until firm enough to lớn scoop.


Before you shape the filling, keep in mind that different molds come in different shapes và sizes, so it’s best to lớn measure the height & width of the one you have lớn ensure each of the wrapped mooncakes fit inside.

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Keep the filling and snow skin about 80% of the size of your mold so that when you press down, everything stays in place.


When firm, take the ice cream out & divide it into 10 equal portions (or as many as you can make using the size of your mooncake mold). Wrap them in plastic wrap and form each into balls, then twist the đứng top to seal them in.

Put everything back in the freezer to hold shape while you work on the mochi.

Making the mochi skin


Combine the corn starch, sugar, 100g (0.22 lb) of the glutinous rice flour, milk & condensed milk in a bowl. When mixed well, stir in the oil.


Wrap the bowl with plastic wrap, leaving a small opening for air lớn escape.


Microwave the batter for 2 minutes, then take it out & stir the mochi to lớn distribute the heat và liquid evenly.


Put the bowl back in và microwave for another 1-2.5 minutes until it forms a thick và springy mochi.

Note: If you don’t want to lớn microwave it, put the mixture in a steamer for 20 minutes or until it has reached the consistency of mochi.


Wrap the dough in plastic wrap và put it in the fridge for 1 hour khổng lồ firm up.

Putting it all together


Put 40 g (0.09 lb) glutinous rice flour in a saucepan & toast it on a low heat for 4 minutes or until it begins to lớn turn yellow.


Use the cooked flour to lớn dust your workspace. Take the cooled mochi out and dust your hands before squeezing it into a long log. Cut the log into the same number of pieces you made your filling (i.e., if you had 10 ice cream balls, divide the log into 10 equal pieces).


Roll each piece into a circle roughly 20 cm (8″) wide or large enough to lớn wrap around the filling. Alternatively, roll them until they’re 5mm (0.2″) thick.

Pro Tip: Lightly dust the surface of the mochi and the rolling sạc so it doesn’t stick to each other.


When all the dough has been rolled, take the ice cream out. One at a time, take the plastic off the filling và wrap it using the mochi skin. You want lớn encase the whole ball tightly with no air bubbles. Pinch the đứng top firmly to lớn seal, then cut off any excess dough.


Place the wrapped ball inside the mooncake mold, pinched part facing the opening. Press the mold against a flat surface, hold down firmly & push the handle down until there is resistance. Gently pull the mold up while still pressing down on the handle.

This will separate the mooncake from the mold.

Put the mooncakes back in the freezer to lớn firm up for 30 mins, then serve cold as is!

How vị you clean the mold?

We use plastic ones, so it just needs a wash with warm water and detergent. For the wooden versions, you would clean it the same way with lightly soapy water. Just remember lớn dry it off well to lớn prevent unwanted bacteria from growing. Ideally, leave it outside khổng lồ air and sun dry.

Why is my ice cream hard?

This happens when ice crystals have formed inside. You can vị a few things khổng lồ prevent this: (a) let it cool in the fridge before freezing so water particles aren’t trapped, which forms ice, or (b) whip the cream as suggested in the tips. This whips air into the cream, making it lighter and harder to size ice.

Why is my snow skin so sticky?

The outer layer is made using mochi, which is a soft & chewy rice cake. Its texture is quite sticky so the toasted glutinous rice flour will help stop some of that. You might like to use a dough scraper & smooth surface khổng lồ knead it a little, but keep in mind that it is meant to be sticky & bouncy.

Tips for the best results

Whip the cream. Add 1/4 of the thickened cream lớn the uncooked custard and save the rest lớn whip until it forms stiff peaks. When the custard has cooled, gently fold the whipped cream in for a lighter texture.Don’t make the balls too big. Once that happens, it’s difficult to press into the mold và you can run the risk of breaking the mochi layer wrapping the mooncakes.Work quickly. The ice cream starts lớn melt as soon as you take it out of the freezer, so make sure lớn have everything ready before you start wrapping. The firmer it is, the easier it is khổng lồ wrap.

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Snow Skin Mooncake with Salted Egg Ice Cream Filling is THE Mid-Autumn Festival recipe. These are the kind of mooncakes you won't find at the shops!
For The Ice Cream Filling▢ 150 mL / 0.6 US cup milk▢ 300 mL / 1.2 UP cup thickened cream▢ 1/3 US cup condensed milk (or lớn preference)▢ 25 g / 0.06 lb unsalted butter▢ 1 tsp vanilla extract▢ 1 slice cheese (singles cheese)▢ 3 egg yolks▢ 3 salted eggs (cooked)
For The Mochi Skin▢ 100 g / 0.22 lb glutinous rice flour (for the mochi)▢ 40 g / 0.09 lb glutinous rice flour (for toasting and dusting)▢ 25 g / 0.06 lb corn starch▢ 70 g / 0.15 lb granulated sugar▢ 200 mL / 0.85 US cup milk▢ 2 tsp condensed milk▢ 2 một nửa tbsp oil (any neutral tasting one will do)