Tiffany Gift Box Mini Cake Recipe

These Mini Layer Cakes are the cutest single-serving dessert. I’m sure you’re wondering how we made these mini cakes. Well, in this tutorial, I mô tả how khổng lồ make mini cakes which are individual mini cakes. I also include a delicious buttercream frosting recipe that will elevate any dessert!

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If you’re too busy to lớn bake a cake, then you’ll find my easy shortcut works great. You can make this spring dessert either with two layers of cake or three layers. Và you might be happy to know that these layered mini cakes are similar to the popular petit fours recipe minus the dipped glazed.

I love cake, and lately I’m craving a delicious bite size cake.

So, since I’m feeling a bit lazy, I decided to lớn make these cakes the easy way. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making cakes from scratch, but sometimes that’s not doable. So, here is a shortcut that will save you time without sacrificing taste.

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Mini Layer Cakes

Another word for these single serving cakes is Petit Fours.

I remember high teas at a place in Seattle called, The Queen Mary. Each of us would get a three-tiered tray full of mini-layer cakes & small cucumber và cream cheese sandwiches.

Well, these small cakes have made a comeback, and they are popping up on Pinterest và social media.

Of course, my daughter first spied them over on Pinterest. She kept mentioning how she wanted me lớn make them, so I decided to lớn give it a try. She is always sharing the latest trends with me, & she inspires me big time over here on the blog.

5 Different Ways to lớn Make These Cakes

Make naked cakes with no frostingMake it a rustic cake with a thin layer of frostingMake the frosting smooth (like I did)Glaze the cakesOmbre the cake layersMake a glaze and dip the cakes.

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A Shortcut to Making Mini-Cakes

Ok here is the skinny on how to make this an easier project.

I bought a yummy pound cake from our local grocery store. I thought, why not let the bakery department vì your work for me on this project.

The cake that I bought came in a loaf shape & I ended up cutting off the domed top. If you feel lượt thích making a sheet cake it won’t be domed as my store bought pound cake.

And by the way, if you need a recipe for a white cake, I love my Chantilly cake recipe. If you want you can halved the recipe.

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How to Make Mini Cakes

Step 1 – Cut Out Round Circles

Make your mini cake either two or three layers, depending on how high you want to make your petit fours.

Whether you make a sheet cake or buy a grocery store cake, make sure you have thin 50% inch layers. I used a serrated knife và cut the pound cake horizontally & I tried to lớn make the layers the same thickness.

And using round biscuit cutters, cut out three round pieces.

Step 2 – Make Sabayon Butter Cream

This recipe is to lớn die for và it is the best butter cream.

And since I cheated with a store-bought cake, I knew that things will taste fine once I showroom the delicious buttercream frosting. Adding the homemade frosting makes the mini-cakes taste amazing!

This frosting is pure butter with sweetness & a smooth texture.

It is heavenly!

Step 3 – Frost the Cake

Place a round circle on a serving plate and place on a cake turntable. Frost the đứng đầu and showroom a second cake layer. Again, frost and repeat until you have however many layers. Please refer to lớn the frosting tips below.

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Just for more recipes here is a lovely list:

Important lưu ý About the Serving Size

Note that this recipe is for one cake. The frosting is the perfect amount for this single serving. So, if you need to make more, make sure khổng lồ get a couple of pound cakes & increase the buttercream to however many cakes you want to lớn make.

To change my recipe servings & measurements, click on the number right next lớn “Servings” và a slider will appear. Then slide to lớn the number of cakes you want lớn make. The appropriate measurements will calculate for you.