Make mini bread cakes without oven with 3 household ingredients


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This no-bake chocolate mini cake combines a rich và creamy chocolate-cashew filling with a slightly crunchy, wholesome nut (or seed) based crust—naturally sweetened & made with no dairy, eggs, or gluten!


Rich và Creamy No-Bake Chocolate Mini Cake Recipe

As much as I love a big slice of regular cake (like gluten-free chocolate zucchini cake or PB và chocolate cake), sometimes the occasion calls for something a little smaller (and cuter!). This is where options lượt thích this no-bake chocolate mini cake shine! This tiny cake recipe makes up a single 4-inch cake, perfect for sharing at small gatherings, on Valentine’s Day, or as a small birthday cake!

Along with the size, this small cake isn’t a regular cake either. Instead, it’s a culmination of a vegan mousse cake, chocolate pie, và no-bake cheesecake. It combines a slightly crunchy, hearty nut (or seed) based crust with a velvety, smooth, almost mousse-like filling (but smoother, like a chocolate cheesecake)!

This mini chocolate cheesecake also manages lớn be wonderfully creamy while 100% miễn phí from dairy, eggs, gluten, refined sugars. In fact, it’s surprisingly healthy, containing wholesome ingredients lượt thích nuts, unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut milk, và natural sweetener.

This combination of ingredients makes for a chocolate mousse cake that’s loaded with heart-healthy fats và a rich source of several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! However, it’s not particularly a low-calorie dessert, so enjoy it in moderation! Luckily, this dessert is best stored in the freezer, meaning there’s no worry of wasting leftovers!

More so, this no-bake chocolate cake packs in maximum flavor but absolute minimum hands-on prep. The trickiest part of the entire recipe is waiting for it to lớn set before digging in! If you’re looking for more decadent small-serve/mini desserts, you might also like these cheesecake brownies, 2-ingredient chocolate truffles, or a molten lava cake!


The Ingredients

The No-Bake Crust:

Nuts: I used peanuts; however, you can use the nuts or seeds of your choice (almonds, cashew, sunflower seeds, etc.)Nut butter: I used peanut butter. However, once again, you may use any nut or seed butter.Vanilla extract: Use pure natural vanilla extract for the best flavor.Maple syrup: Or another liquid syrup of your choice (use a sugar-free mock ‘maple syrup’ if preferred).Coconut oil (not pictured below): This will help khổng lồ bind the no-bake crust. Use regular coconut oil (solid at room temperature), not fractionated oil (liquid).Salt: Just a pinch to lớn enhance the flavors within the crust.


The Cashew Cream Chocolate ‘Mousse’ Filling:

Cashews: You’ll need raw, unsalted cashews that have soaked in water.Coconut milk: Use canned coconut milk (rather than the thin carton variety).Maple Syrup: Or the liquid sweetener of your choice (agave, brown rice syrup, etc.) For a sugar-free option, you could use a sugar-free ‘maple syrup’ or similar syrup.Vanilla extract: Pure, natural vanilla is best.Coconut oil: Use coconut oil or cacao butter.

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Cocoa powder: Or cacao powder, but you may need additional sweetener then (as it is more bitter).

Optional add-ins and recipe variations:

There are several ways you can adapt this mini cake recipe with simple add-ons và substitutions, including:

Salt: A pinch of salt will enhance and địa chỉ depth to lớn the cocoa flavor.Lemon juice: It will địa chỉ cửa hàng a slight ‘tang’ to lớn the mini chocolate cake (as regular cheesecake would have). 1 tablespoon should be enough.Extracts: For example, orange, coffee, mint, liqueur, hazelnut, etc. Add to taste (starting with ½ tsp).Liqueur: A coffee, hazelnut, or orange liqueur would work particularly well in this tiny cake recipe.Coffee: Just a teaspoon or so of instant coffee granules (or espresso powder) will enhance the chocolate flavor wonderfully. Add more for a mocha-flavored no-bake mini chocolate cake.Layered mini cheesecake/cake: First, blend the cashew cream without the cocoa powder. Then remove half, and địa chỉ the cocoa powder (1/2 amount) to lớn the remaining set in the processor, blending until thoroughly combined. You can then địa chỉ extra vanilla to lớn the plain mix or flavor it in another way. Alternatively, địa chỉ the cocoa to lớn both layers but boost the flavor of one of the cake layers (i.e., with coffee).Biscuit base: For a decadent crust, combine whole crushed Oreos or Biscoff biscuits with dairy-free butter or coconut oil.

Optional toppings/decoration: Whipped coconut cream, chocolate shavings, fresh berries, etc. You could also drizzle the mini chocolate cheesecake with a fresh berry coulis/ sauce (raspberry or strawberry would work well) or raspberry jam. If you’re serving it as a mini birthday cake, don’t forget the candles!

Please read the recipe card below for the full ingredients listmeasurements, complete recipe method, & nutritional information.


How to Make a Mini No-Bake Chocolate Cake?

Step 1: The Prep

First, soak the cashews in a large bowl in either cold water overnight, hot water for an hour, or boil them for đôi mươi minutes (until tender). Then drain the water.


Step 2: Make the raw (no bake) crust

Add the peanuts (or nut/seed of choice) và a pinch of salt to your food processor và process into a crumb consistency.Then, địa chỉ the nut/seed butter, vanilla, và maple syrup, và blend again khổng lồ combine.Add the coconut oil và blitz once more until well combined.Finally, transfer the mixture lớn a 4 or 5-inch springform cake pan (I made this as a 4-inch cake recipe. It will be thinner when using a larger pan) & press it down with a spoon until level. Set aside.