How to cook minced dace fish cake with scallion

Seasoned fishcakes, known in Israel as ktzitzot dagim. Fried fish patties with pine nuts, breadcrumbs, và seasonings served with tahini sauce.

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My husband’s cousin Moshe came lớn visit us last summer. Moshe grew up in Israel & now lives in France. He’s part of the Sephardic side of my husband’s family, which means he grew up eating lots of terrific Middle Eastern & Mediterranean-style cuisine. He doesn’t really lượt thích to cook, but when I asked him if he knew any family recipes his eyes lit up.

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“There is one dish I know made with dagim (fish). I am not a chef, but this thing I know how lớn make. My Ima (mother) taught me because it’s my favorite.” He proceeded to explain the recipe khổng lồ me, which sounded terrific. After a little coaxing, I convinced him khổng lồ show me the recipe firsthand. We liked it so much that it is now part of our regular meal rotation.

The original name of this recipe is a Hebrew word that is sort of difficult lớn pronounce: ktzitzot dagim (pronounced ktzee-tzot dahgeem). I call them fish cakes, because that’s in essence what they are– ground fish bound with breadcrumbs, egg, & spices, then fried. My stepdaughter calls them “fish falafel” because they look very similar khổng lồ fried falafel patties. Whatever you gọi them, they’re super delish, especially when paired with freshly made tahini sauce. I made a batch yesterday when my friend Sandra was here. She added sriracha to lớn hers which gave it an awesome spicy kick. But then, she adds sriracha to pretty much everything.