How to make a delicous milk tea with lipton


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Learn how to lớn make the best Peach Bubble Tea at trang chủ with homemade peach syrup! This refreshing drink is naturally sweetened và dairy-free.

If you’re looking for a sweet, refreshing, & satisfying beverage, look no further! This Peach Bubble Tea is creamy, packed with juicy peach flavor, và easy to lớn make at trang chủ with a few simple steps. It’s the perfect summer drink, but can be enjoyed year-round thanks to lớn frozen fruit.



Bubble tea (also known as Boba or Milk Tea) began khổng lồ increase in popularity around the 80’s as a sweet & refreshing snack or beverage, originally coming from Taiwan. It’s the combination of 3 popular Taiwanese snacks: tapioca pearls (aka “boba”), milky tea, & (normally) shaved ice.

Nowadays there are a lot of boba tea flavors và variations – this Peach Bubble Tea is a fun fruity twist on the classic recipe! The homemade và naturally sweetened peach syrup contrasts perfectly with the earthy tea and chewy boba for a sweet and satisfying drink.

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This Bubble Tea is made from only 6 simple ingredients: black or green tea, sweetener, peaches, vanilla extract, tapioca pearls, & milk. I chose to make this recipe with maple syrup so it’s naturally sweetened, but you can also use cane sugar or brown sugar – see the recipe notes for more info. I also like to add a little ground ginger khổng lồ the peach syrup to địa chỉ cửa hàng a subtle spice, but that’s technically optional!


You can find all of these ingredients at your favorite grocery store with the exception of the tapioca pearls, or boba. I purchased mine online, but you can also probably find them at an asian grocery store or market near you.

Finally, you will also need a few other kitchen tools:

Fine-mesh metal sieve: I prefer to lớn strain my peach syrup through a sieve instead of using a blender – this makes a silkier syrup with less fiber. You could blend the syrup as well – see the recipe notes for that variation



Brew the black or green tea bags with hot water, brew, và set aside.Simmer the ingredients for the peach tea together in a saucepan until tender, then strain through a mesh metal sieve.Bring a large pot of water lớn a boil and cook the tapioca pearls according to package directions.Divide the boba between glasses, then địa chỉ in the tea & fruit syrup. Phối wellPour non-dairy milk into the glass until the tea reaches your desired creaminess, then set again and enjoy!



Make the Boba Fresh: tapioca pearls will stick together if you try to store them, and will dry out even if you store them in liquid. For the best texture & experience, make only what you’re going to lớn serve.Use Fresh or Frozen Peaches: I personally prefer khổng lồ use fresh, ripe peaches as they tend to be sweeter. However, you can also use frozen peaches; let them thaw, then chop them up into smaller pieces before cooking according lớn the recipe.


Boba is usually enjoyed as a standalone treat – it’s a perfect afternoon pick-me-up! However, I also think this Peach Boba would be delicious next to lớn these Vegan Pecan Sandies, this Vegan Orange Olive Oil Cake, or even a Chocolate cpu Banana Bread Scone!


Like I mentioned above, I recommend cooking your tapioca pearls just before serving. However, you can make both the tea concentrate and the peach syrup in advance & store them in the fridge – this way your tea will be extra cold when you drink it